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Pre-Conference Movie Screening Invitation

Invitation.CAMM.optionSteve White, president of Mystic Seaport, invites CAMM conference attendees to the screening of Unfurling the World: The Voyages of Irving and Electa Johnson on Sunday, April 12th, at the conference hotel.

The movie is described as “A thrilling and inspiring story about the extraordinary Johnsons, who sailed seven times around the world, exploring remote islands and meeting exotic cultures along the way.”

Hotel Deadline for CAMM Conference

Don’t forget to book your rooms at the conference hotel this week! The deadline for reserving at the conference rate is Friday, March 13th.  The  rooms will revert to the hotel’s regular rates after that date.

To reserve: contact the Crowne Plaza registration desk at 310-519-8200. Mention “CAMM Conference” in order to secure the special rate.

For more information on the conference go to CAMM’s Annual Meeting page.

Update on Porcupine Project

Preliminary Drawing of PORCUPINE courtesy of Bayfront Maritime Center

Preliminary Drawing of PORCUPINE courtesy of Bayfront Maritime Center

March 2, 2015

From Captain Jamie Trost, Bayfront Maritime Center:

Today I officially join the BMC staff as Project Manager for Porcupine. In the six months since I first heard of and asked to be a part of this great new initiative, we’ve gotten the hull and engine into the shop, started discussions with the Coast Guard, solidified partnerships with local school districts, hashed out some preliminary drawings with our naval architect, officially launched Porcupine’s Campaign at the 3rd Annual “Ales for Sails” event, and received the first $25,000 anchor grant from Erie Insurance! With each step, the unknowns have been filed away and we’ve now honed our plans for the finished vessel. 

With a year and six weeks until Porcupine‘s launch on April 15th, 2016, we’re picking up the pace and about to start truly shaping the raw hull into the evocative tops’l schooner we envision. Dust is going to fly, outlines for programs will mature into full-fledged curriculum, a forest of documents and forms will mark our path toward the finished ship. Hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people will make this dream a reality.
Team Porcupine is ecstatic, and the excitement is amplified by innovative ideas and possibilities. Inside of a year, we’ll will be creating something entirely new, shaping a future by uncovering clues from the past. We know what Porcupine was—a gunboat schooner created 202 years ago right here in Erie that for 60 years would serve in just about every manner a Great Lakes vessel could. And we know what this new Porcupine will be—a sustainable, high-profile regional asset that will enhance BMC’s existing programming and expand into new waters with a “School Ship” program for Presque Isle Bay.
But right now, Porcupine is in an ephemeral state between history and future, between concept and concrete. The intense and sometimes frantic energy of creating the schooner and her programming carries the colorful wonder of a dawning day—the fresh promise, the incredible potential…we’re making a “new” Gunboat Schooner out of a donated hull and it’s going to awesome, every step of the way.

Museum Small Craft Association Annual Meeting Scheduled

Museum Small Craft Association Annual Meeting

Monday, October 5 – Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, St Michaels, Maryland

The 2015 Museum Small Craft Association will be held Monday, October 5 and Tuesday, October 6 at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in Saint Michaels, Maryland. Museum small craft professionals and others who share an interest in small boat conservation and restoration, skills preservation, documentation, history, interpretation and research are invited to meet, learn about recent developments, exchange ideas, and talk with their peers. The MSCA meeting follows the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival which will be held on Friday, October 2 through Sunday, October 4.

The meeting program will include presentations and discussions on a variety of small craft and museum related topics, opportunities for informal discussions, a dinner on Monday evening, and a visit to a local boatbuilder. Please let Richard Scofield know if there is a topic you are interested in, or if you’d like to make a presentation or lead a discussion.

The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum is located on 18 waterfront acres and occupies 35 buildings, 12 of which house exhibits open to the public.. The Museum offers exhibits, demonstrations, boat rides on the Miles River, and annual festivals that celebrate Chesapeake Bay culture, boats, seafood, and history. The Museum’s fleet of historic Chesapeake Bay watercraft is the largest in existence with 11 vessels on floating display at the Museum’s docks, and its small boat collection includes crabbing skiffs, workboats, and log canoes. The fleet is maintained in the public’s eye by master shipwrights and their apprentices.

For more information about the meeting and the Museum Small Craft Association visit or contact David Cockey

For more information about the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum visit

Latest on Storis Act

From Tim Runyan of the Maritime Alliance:

Attached is an Op Ed article: “Fleecing Maritime Schools and Heritage Organizations” from Maritime Executive written by Denise Krepp. It addresses ship recycling at the Maritime Administration, including its relevance to maritime heritage funding. Very lively!

Work continues on achieving full funding for the maritime heritage grants program. I have made two visits to Capitol Hill in the past two months to meet with House and Senate staff members as we develop strategies and allies in our effort.



Nantucket Lightship’s Aid to Navigation System to be Restored

Nantucket Lightship is home-ported in Boston. Photo courtesy of U.S. Lightship Museum.

Nantucket Lightship is home-ported in Boston. Photo courtesy of U.S. Lightship Museum

The U.S. Lightship Museum recently reported receiving “a $250,000 grant from American Express to rebuild its navigational light beacon, radio beacon structures, foghorn and on-board electrical systems.”

“Nearly 80 years after it began safeguarding the trans-Atlantic shipping lanes with its powerful guiding light, radio beacon and foghorn, Nantucket Lightship/LV-112 will once again be illuminated in its homeport of Boston. The ‘Statue of Liberty of the Sea,’ as it’s affectionately known, is a symbol of America’s development. Anchored 100 miles off the U.S. mainland near the dangerous Nantucket Shoals from 1936-75, it was the last landmark seen by vessels departing the United States and the first beacon seen by many immigrants entering U.S. waters. Restoration is underway on this former U.S. Coast Guard floating lighthouse to make it accessible for future generations to better understand the vital lightship era of our nation’s maritime history and to function as a floating learning center.”

Nantucket Lightship/LV-112 was designated a “National Treasure” by the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 2012.  To learn more about the National Treasures program and their partnership with American Express goto that program’s website. To learn more about the lightship’s restoration download the complete newsletter or visit their website.

N.C. Maritime Museum Seeks Watercraft Center Manager

North Carolina Maritime Museum Watercraft Center, Beaufort

North Carolina Maritime Museum Watercraft Center, Beaufort



The North Carolina Maritime Museum in the Department of Cultural Resources seeks a Watercraft Center Manager for its Watercraft Center in Beaufort, NC. This is a full-time permanent State Government position. The hiring salary is $30,856, and the successful candidate will start working early in April 2015.

Must have a strong working knowledge of power tools and their safe usage. Must be knowledgeable in basic watercraft construction materials and techniques. Must be adept at sourcing required tools and materials using online and other resources. Must be able to train and supervise a largely volunteer work force. Must be demonstrably goal-oriented, self-motivated and able to work independently under supervision. Must possess strong, interpersonal skills. Must be alert to personal and visitor safety at all times. Graduation from high school and two years of experience in boat construction, including supervisory or managerial experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Applications must be made only online through the NC Office of State Human Resources website:

To apply for this position go to: and search under Department of Cultural Resources.

Candidates are encouraged to submit further supporting material in addition to completing the mandatory standard application form. All applications must be received by 5:00 PM EST on Monday, March 9, 2015.

The Department of Cultural Resources is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.