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Infographic: The History and Global Influence of Maritime Law

While Somali incidents have dropped 95% to seven cases in 2013, piracy in Southeast Asia is exploding. As you may have heard, 800,000 gallons of diesel was recently pilfered from a large oil tanker in the Strait of Malacca. This area is clearly the world’s new piracy hotspot. Attacks and attempts in the waters of Indonesia have totaled to 107 incidents last year, leading to a 700% increase in just 5 years. To help generate awareness of maritime trade and the law of the sea, Norwich University has created an infographic that addresses the freedom of the seas, security and piracy. As the occurrence of incidents increases by 25% every year, this awareness and understanding of piracy is crucial for it’s recession. 

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SSHSA Celebrates New Home

SSHSA's library has been in storage since the 2006 move from the University of Baltimore and they are very excited to make it available to researchers once again.

SSHSA’s library has been in storage since the 2006 move from the University of Baltimore. They are very excited to make it available to researchers once again.

Matthew Schulte and the board and staff of the Steamship Historical Society of America will be officially opening their new headquarters with a ribbon cutting ceremony on October 15th. Speakers will include Congressman James Langevin, Warwick Mayor Scott Avedisian, CDR Marc Cruder, USCG Ret. (Traveling Senior Marine Inspector for USCG), and Erik Ryan, SSHSA Board President.

CAMM president Dave Pearson sends his congratulations on behalf of all the members of the Council of American Maritime Museums. The new facility is at 2500 Post Road in Warwick Rhode Island.

Letters of Support Needed for Additional Maritime Heritage Funding

Tim Runyan, chair of the National Maritime Alliance is leading the effort to restore funding to the Maritime Heritage Grants program to its original levels:

The “Storis Act” offered by Sen. Begich of Alaska includes Section 5 (c) that would restore funding for the maritime heritage grants program at the former level before the MARAD amendment to the 2010 National Defense Authorization Act gave all authority to MARAD. Today I learned MARAD is pushing back in order to keep the money, so we have a fight.

Bills are being marked up on Capitol Hill as I write. We must write now to members on the committees that will be involved in this bill. There are 4 committees—2 House, 2 Senate.  Click here for Senate / House committees list (Word Version) or (PDF version).

Here is a letter template for your convenience. Fill it out with your information. Email the letter to the committee members from your home state. You can write to all senators through their Senate web site—you must be a member of the district to submit a letter to a congressman via their web site.  Unless you have an email address to send to, you will need to copy and paste your letter into their online form.  I suggest sending a hard copy of your letter by snail mail.

Please send me a copy of your letters.

I thank you for stepping up and your willingness to help. We must contact these members of the House and Senate now if we are to succeed. Millions in grant funding for the maritime heritage community is at stake. Please make these contacts.


Reference Books Available to CAMM Members

Paul Marlow, Volunteer Ships Plans Curator for the Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society has sent the following offer to CAMM members:

I have a personal collection of the Record of the American Bureau of Shipping that I saved from a being put in a dumpster at a community college several years ago. The years are from 1958 to 1969. I have them in storage and would like to donate single years or the entire set to any CAMM member that would like to add to their set or would like to have the beginnings of a collection. There also is a set of the Merchant Vessels of the United States from 1904 to the 1970s that was saved from the same fate as the Record’s. I have not decided yet which ones I will keep, but the offer is the same for them.

They are wonderful to have, but I am downsizing and cannot keep them all. 

You can reach Paul at