ICMM Meeting in Cascais, Portugal


Until men ventured out into the oceans, only certain parts of the world were know to him…the rest was part of his imagination.

As always, the unknown is the most wanted, and thanks to men like Vasco da Gama (discoverer of the maritime way to India) or Corte Real (discoverer of the Newfoundland) we know the world as it is today. Besides discoverers these men represent the will of a whole nation.

The season of World Exploration allowed civilizations that were once far from each other to get closer and in this way get us to know the concept of “Global Village” that we know nowadays.

Through sea exploration and travel, cultures, traditions and heritage like language were spread amongst the world.

We could continue enumerating a long list of the legacy of the history linked to the sea but what better way to see for yourself when you participate at the ICMM 2013 (International Congress of Maritime Museums), which will take place from the 8 to 15 September, in Cascais, Portugal.

In this Congress you will hear about the maritime heritage that nowadays is preserved in museums intrinsically linked to this subject.


If you need further information please visit the Congress Webpage (http://www.icmmcascais2013.org/) or make sure to contact the Congress Secretariat at secretariat@icmmcascais2013.org. 

REGISTER NOW: https://www.licom.pt/icmm/login.aspx

We look forward to welcoming you to Cascais in September!

Best wishes,


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