Teaching With Small Boats Conference, Mystic, Seaport, October 15-18

Don’t miss it!

If you use boats to teach, it’s a tremendous opportunity to meet and learn from your peers.

This will also be the only TWSBA Conference of the East Coast for several years. So, if you’re nearby, this is the one to attend.

You need to Register Now!

If you’re coming, you need to register. Just fill out the form on our website and send it in, or FAX it, to Mystic Seaport.

If you’re still “on the fence” and need reasons to come, here are two:

Reason #1

The Conference dinner, on Tuesday the 15th, will honor the achievements of Dick and Colleen Wagner from the Center for Wooden Boats. Dick and Colleen created the Center For Wooden Boats. It’s safe to say that most of us have been strongly influenced and inspired by their work. Their trips to the East Coast have been getting rarer. So, don’t miss this chance to celebrate their achievements and say, “Thank You.”

Reason #2

There are going to be great presentations, panel discussions, hands on experiences and practical workshops. Just take a look at this list!

TWSBA 2013 Planned Presentations, Workshops and Experiences-

Presentations and Panel Discussions:


Building To Teach – One Year Out

“Marinizing” the Common Core Standards-

Whaleboats for the Charles W. Morgan:

Serving AdultsWorking with In-School & Out-of School Youth; A Panel Discussion

The Role of the Social Workers and Counselors in TWSBA Organizations

Related Teaching Organizations; A Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion on Fundraising Strategies that Work;Panel Discussion on Incorporating Indigenous Content

Model Boats as Teaching Tools

Training Professional Boat Builders


Taking Care of Basics

Planning Your New Program

Connecting To The Common Core Standards

Hands on Experiences:

Building and Using SeaPerch ROVs

How to Teach Steam Bending

Integrating Tools & Technology into Programs

Foil Boats for Teaching Math, Science and Engineering

Building and Using Indigenous Craft/ First Americans

Sailing Model Boats

Computer Programs as Small Boat Teaching Tools-


Tour Of Dupont Shipyard

Tour of Mystic Seaport’s Mill Storage

On the Water

St Ayles Skiffs

Hull Pilot Gigs and Whaleboats

Various Boating Activities



Best regards on behalf of the Steering Committee,

Joe Youcha

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