Maritime Heritage Grants Funded

Great news from Tim Runyan:
I received a call from National Park Service (NPS) this morning. The memorandum of agreement between MARAD and NPS enabling the transfer of funds for a public grants program according to the National Maritime Heritage Act was signed by MARAD. NPS has probably signed by now.
Our hard work on the Hill has paid off.
About $7M is available for the grants program– from the scrapping of ships in the National Defense Reserve Fleet by the Maritime Administration. NPS can claim 15% overhead per year. The grants will be offered over a four year period. The first request for proposals is expected by early 2014. Both agencies will participate in the distribution of the grants.
My thanks to all CAMM members and museums for staying the course these many years, contacting members of Congress when asked, and your commitment to maritime heritage.
National Maritime Alliance

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