Objects Available from Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society

Below is a list of objects approved for deaccession by the Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society (PSMHS), located in Seattle, WA. PSMHS holds legal title for all of these objects, and each one is available for transfer to an appropriate institution. We are willing to transfer to permanent as well as education collections. Some objects may be in poor condition.

For more information or if your institution is interested in a particular item, please contact Jessica Bellingham at jbelling@uw.edu by January 15, 2014. Items will be transferred on a first-come, first-served basis. Please include the accession number when inquiring about an object.

Thanks very much for your time, and we hope you find something that interests you & your institution!

• PS103 – Wooden name board from schooner “Tongass.” 70” long.

• PS304 – Piece of teakwood; relic from schooner “La Natalie.” 3”x3”x8”

• PS901.7a-i – Set of 9 spline weights for drafting, lead with brass hooks

• PS1057 – Mock-up of boiler front built for an engine room exhibit

• PS1061.1 – framed ink drawing/joiner plans for SS Kansas City, which became the S.S. Alaska

• PS1067.1 & .2– Marine engine, Lathrop. Standard model 4 cycle, 2 cylinder, with instruction booklet. Mounted on wood stand on wheels.

• PS1128 – Elto outboard motor

• PS1129 – Outboard motor

• PS1138.25.1 & .2 – 2 woven provisioning baskets

• PS1151.1 to .9 – Jacob’s ladder (5 treads) and 8 wood rigging blocks

• PS1162 – Weatherproof uniform “liberated from Navy Sea Bee camp on Iwo Jima”, including overalls & hooded top.

• PS1204.38 – Commemorative dish for launching of MV Rabenfels of Hansa line.

• PS1232.3 – Iron eye fitting on wooden knee beam from “Star of Bengal”

• PS1235 – Boatswain’s metal handheld whistle

• PS1409.80 – Model door lock with knob & latch assembly mounted on wooden display stand

• PS1409.114 – Document or letter holder, used by ship’s purser to index bills, etc.

• PS1409.139 – Gold shoulder loop from Imperial Japanese 7th

• PS1409.214 – Miniature model of English fishing cutter – 4.5” long

• PS1409.216 – Box full of loose ship model pieces

• PS1409.239 – Miniature ship model made of a turkey breast bone

• PS1422 – Scott Atwater outboard motor.

• PS1425 – Outboard motor, Johnson Motors, Waukegan III

• PS1998.40.1 to .9 – Radiophones, handsets, radio direction finders, etc. Note that only 8 are available – PSMHS will be keeping one of these. All are slightly rusty.

• PS2000.12.7 – Anchor chain

• PS2000.27 – 373 Navigational charts in 12 tubes, world coverage

• PS2000.30.1 to .6 – Scale, weights, pressure gauge, zinc anode, box end wrench

• PS2000.37 – Sport fishing rod & reel.

• PS2000.42.4 – Deadeye and iron wire shroud end on wood deadeye from sailing vessel “America.”

• PS2000.42.5 – Wood planking fragment from sailing vessel “America”

• PS2001.37.3 – Bottom action winch for small sailing yacht, Merriman Bros., Boston

• PS2001.51 – Miscellaneous maritime-themed baseball caps in unknown condition.

• PS2001.57.1 – Copper gunpowder canister, copper pitcher form with two handles

• PS2001.57.6 – Medal “Ships for Victory”, bronze with red, white, and blue ribbon.

• PS2001.60.1 – Polarstar immersion suit in unknown condition

• PS2002.28 – Large model of Todd Shipyard diorama

• PS2002.29 – Wooden steering wheel from the SS “Baranof”, 72” diameter

• PS2003.1.4 – 8 blue glass canning jars

• PS2003.9 –Fabric & wire anchor signal in unknown condition

• PS2004.10 – Radar display simulator for navigation training

• PS2004.22 – Wood casting pattern for rocker arm of Nordberg engine

• PS2005.1.6 – Framed bill of landing/manifest for ship “Audubon” from NY to San Francisco

• PS2007.17.2 – Broken diorama of 3-masted schooner on wooden base

• PS2007.17.3 – Broken diorama of brigantine on wooden base

• PS2007.17.4 – Broken diorama of four-masted barkentine on wooden base

• PS2007.25.1 – Print of S.S. “Master”

• PS2007.27 – Bronze searchlight, 19” diameter

• PS2008.1 – Steam pump – direct acting, duplex, painted green.

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