Travel Opportunity for CAMM Institution Members

Mystic Seaport is planning its second members’ trip to Cuba and thought it would be nice to open the trip to other CAMM member museum’s memberships.  This year Eric Roorda, author of “Cuba, America, and the Sea,” will be our main guide and the tour is being structured as much as possible to be maritime history oriented.  I am also planning to go as I have been involved with the preservation of Ernest Hemingway’s estate in Cuba. My involvement has been in advisory role for the preservation of PILAR, Hemingway’s boat.

Visit the link to our Website page describing the trip: or call Alex Alpert at 860-572-5382. Space is limited!

Dana Hewson
Vice President for Watercraft Preservation and Programs
Clark Senior Curator for Watercraft
Mystic Seaport

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