First Issue of WORLD OCEAN JOURNAL Available Online

World Ocean MagazineThe World Ocean Observatory  has announced the launch of World Ocean Journal, a new bi-annual e-zine on ocean culture, issues and solutions to today’s ocean issues. The inaugural volume includes essays, interviews, art, exhibits and performances which profile some of the vital impacts of the ocean on our lives. The last essay, by director Peter Neill, contains his “reflections on ‘reciprocity’ as a rationale and framework for exchange of value and engagement between the ocean and us, between civil society and the natural world that sustains it.” For more on the journal’s content, click here.

The mission of the World Ocean Observatory is to provide a place of exchange about the ocean as defined as “an integrated, global, social system” relating the ocean to fresh water, climate, science, food, technology, finance, policy governance, coastal development, planning, and cultural traditions. World Ocean Journal, a new outreach effort by the World Ocean Observatory, is yet another extension of our efforts to educate the public, broaden our audience of Citizens of the Ocean, and present information and educational services as dynamic as the ocean itself.

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  1. Peter Neill

    To all CAMM Members: one purpose of the World Ocean Journal, as a function of the World Ocean Observatory (, is to provide context-building information and educational service to partners to assist in building public awareness and engagement about the past, present, and future of the ocean. These services, to include informational videos and World Ocean Radio, a weekly audio feature, are all available to CAMM museums at no cost to amplify and enrich your public outreach. Why not think about how you might share the Journal with your members, or promote World Ocean Radio on your local station, or use our educational videos and other resources to augment the excellent endeavors and initiatives of your staff.?You have nothing to lose by such a partnership and everything to gain as we build together an ever-growing community of “citizens of the ocean” to engage, support, and extend the value of what you do. Don’t hesitate to contact me with thoughts and ideas. The sea connects all things! Peter


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