2015 Northwest Anthropological Conference Call for Papers

NWAC 1st call for papers
The 2015 Northwest Anthropology Conference will be held in Eugene, Oregon, from March 25th-28th. I am sending this email in hopes of garnering interest in organizing a maritime archaeology and history session at NWAC (our 5th!). I’m happy to accept submissions from a wide range of subjects related to submerged and non-submerged resources, including maritime heritage, preservation, and history, as well as nautical archaeology. In particular, I’m looking to include topics relating to underwater and nautical archaeology in Canada, maritime projects being conducted by volunteer and non-profit organizations, and general maritime research topics. Interested parties may send their abstracts to me for inclusion into the session at this address.

The conference will be held at the Valley River Inn in Eugene, Oregon. Please feel free to email me  if you have questions or comments, or you can call me at the phone number(s) listed below. Further, if you know of someone that may be interested in presenting at this symposium, please feel free to forward me their information and I will be happy to send an invitation!

Thank you for your time,

Jacqueline L. Marcotte, MA, RPA
Maritime Archaeologist
ESA | Northwest Cultural Resources Group
5309 Shilshole Ave NW, Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98107
206.789.9658 | 206.789.9684 fax
360.513.6969 cell
jmarcotte@esassoc.com | http://www.esassoc.com

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