Hong Kong Maritime Museum to Host ICMM


The Hong Kong Maritime Museum is proud to invite maritime museums from around the world to one of the most exciting and transformational commercial and cultural centers in world trade – the Pearl River Delta.
For over three hundred years the PRD has been a global meeting place for traders, entrepreneurs, government envoys, missionaries and fortune hunters. Today, Hong Kong and nearby Guangzhou, represent the modern face of China and the ceaseless commercial activities which in two generations has transformed a region previously  dominated by fishing villages and paddy fields into a true metropolis.
As a young museum, established in 2003 with strong support from the Hong Kong shipping industry we are in a good position to share with delegates the spirit of Hong Kong through the prism of its maritime heritage. Our links with Greater China also provide an opportunity for delegates to meet with counterparts from a dynamic new part of the maritime museum industry; there are over thirty institutions along the China coast committed to exploring both historical and contemporary aspects of China’s maritime story. As a crossroads in Asia we are also expecting representatives from Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and the Philippines.
The conference team has created an exciting programme of tours, talks and intriguing experiences which will truly showcase what the region has to offer, from Taichi on the museum’s balcony, to the culinary delights of a top star restaurant in Macau. Please join us in November 2015 – we look forward to hosting you.

Richard Wesley
Museum Director
Hong Kong Maritime Museum

For more information, download the flyer.

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