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islandsGreg Gorga of Santa Barbara Maritime Museum recently updated CAMM conference attendees on a new film entitled “West of the West: Tales from California’s Channel Islands.” The film will premiere on California PBS stations sometime this spring.

According the film’s website, “the Santa Cruz Island Foundation and The Santa Barbara Maritime Museum are initiating the first ever feature length documentary which tells the story – largely unknown to the public – of the crown jewels of California’s coast – the eight Channel Islands. Told from the point of view of the people who’ve experienced the Channels – lived on, wrecked on, dived under, filmed, raised children, ranched, bootlegged, fished, surfed, sailed, explored and restored – the remarkable story began 13,000 years ago and continues today.”

Greg also mentioned that the film is available to other institutions.

At the recent CAMM conference, many member institutions provided updates on recent activities. Seems like a great new category for this blog! Send your updates (with images if possible) to 

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  1. Paul Johnston

    Santa Barbara Maritime Museum’s executive director Greg Gorga is CAMM’s new Vice President, duly elected by the membership at last week’s annual CAMM meetings at the Los Angeles Maritime Museum. Please welcome Greg to the officer’s rank of the CAMM Board!


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