Classification System for Vessel Types Sought

Lea Edgar, Librarian & Archivist at Vancouver Maritime Museum, recently queried:

I was wondering if anyone has produced a comprehensive thesaurus or vocabulary for types of vessels? I see a lot of lists out there but none seem to be very official. I am looking for a list that will include broader and narrower terms so that we can include it in a new database we are building. For  instance, I want it to include all the different types of fishing vessels. Thanks for your help.

If anyone has created such a guide, please share it with Lea at

2 thoughts on “Classification System for Vessel Types Sought

  1. Robert Schwemmer - NOAA Federal

    I recommend Aak to Zumbra – A Dictionary of the World’s Watercraft, The Mariners’ Museum, More than 5600 entries, Over 400 finely detailed illustrations, foreword by Basil Greehill. ISBN 0-917376-46-3


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