More Press on the Maritime Heritage Grants

Tim Runyan shared a link to Denise Krepp’s op-ed article, “The Real Facts about Maritime Heritage Grants,” in the MARITIME EXECUTIVE. Her article is a response to the MARAD administrator’s column “A Fair Accounting of the Maritime Heritage Grant Program” that appeared in yesterday’s AMERICAN SHIPPER.

Tim also reported that the STORIS Act now has six sponsors including Rep. Don Young (R-AK) who served in the U.S. Coast Guard. Although progress is being made,Tim encourages folks “to write their senators and representatives, visit local offices to express their support for STORIS.”

August 4, 2015

1 thought on “More Press on the Maritime Heritage Grants

  1. Paul DeOrsay

    Speaking as one who was around for the Maritime Heritage ACT, lo these many years ago, and one who spent a few years trying to get the funds shaken loose, I applaud Ms.Krepp’s feisty approach. Being nice has not worked. MARAD epitomizes the self-serving bureaucracy.


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