Query on location codes for National Fisherman photo catalog

“In working through the National Fisherman photographic collection cataloging we are adding locations wherever they are part of the photographs informational record. But in many cases there are no recorded locations, but we can tell what area of the country the record belongs, e.g., a So Cal tuna clipper, an Alaskan King Crabber, a Chesapeake Deadrise. So the thought occurs to code some area designations. It would be handy to use something currently existing like Coast Guard districts which are now bigger than they were at one time. Or we can create our own. What do CAMM members who might be looking for images think would be useful?”

Submitted by Ben Fuller, bfuller@pmm-maine.org, Penobscot Marine Museum

2 thoughts on “Query on location codes for National Fisherman photo catalog

  1. Ben Fuller

    I should have commented that we are using standard Thesaurus for Graphic Materials terms for subject headings. We have found that it is not nearly detailed enough ( and neither is Nomenclature nor the AAT both of which I have helped edit0 so have developed and are developing a pretty extensive series of fisheries related subject headings, which will all be visible on the website. Many of these terms are based on how National Fisherman was thinking and cataloging. I’ve also looked at the Getty’s geographical thesaurus which wants more specific stuff than I can often answer. NOAA Regions would be another way of thinking about these but harder for the cataloger.http://www.charts.noaa.gov/MCD/images/list.txt


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