National Fisherman Collection Now Available Online

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The first 5000 images in the National Fisherman Collection are now live. Ben Fuller is in the process of adding dates and locations to this group as well as reviewing the subject headings and search terms. Please contact him via with any suggestions or corrections. He expects to have the next 5000 up early in the summer.

Submitted by Ben Fuller, Curator, Penobscot Marine Museum, April 5, 2016

2 thoughts on “National Fisherman Collection Now Available Online

  1. Sam ShogrenSam Shogren

    Ben- Congratulations. What a great project. I know how much work this. A couple of years back I led a consortium that digitized all the historic photographs in all the libraries, historical societies, and museums in one of the original four “districts” or counties here in Oregon. We partnered with the local university’s education department to include keyword terms tied to the state curriculum for all grade levels in addition to LC headings and such. So much work.

    Can’t wait to review the images. Can copies be ordered online?


  2. Ben Fuller


    Images of other parts of the collection can be ordered by an email, but Nat Fish is tricky because of the copyright issues. Fair use might extend to a research image but not to publication. I see this as a great excuse to research photographers. For example someone in the PNW should be in contact with Marty Loken, and find the Klopsteins which I think were based out there. Other photographers that are well represented are people like Boutiler and Flye which are in the PMM collection and John Frye which is now in the Mariners collection. What I am hoping is that this becomes a portal to images and that maritime museums in different areas use it to identify and hunt those that have been recording our recent maritime history. Meanwhile we continue to plug along cataloging and linking images at 10-12 an hour, and me editing at any where from 10-30! We should have a pretty good search term collection at the end.


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