11th Maritime Heritage Conference & 45th Annual Conference on Sail Training and Tall Ships – February 15-17, 2018 in New Orleans


Our Maritime Communities-Stronger Together
11th Maritime Heritage Conference 45th Annual Conference on Sail Training and Tall Ships

New Orleans Marriott-French Quarter
February 15 – 17, 2018

The 11th Maritime Heritage Conference and the 45th Annual Conference on Sail Training and Tall Ships will come together for an information-packed joint conference encompassing a broad array of topics. The Maritime Heritage Conference was last held in 2014, and is unique in bringing together all elements of the maritime heritage community to discuss topics of common interest., Tall Ships America’s Conference on Sail Training and Tall Ships is held annually and Known for its high “take away value”, networking opportunities and camaraderie. You are invited to join with us and share an exploration of maritime heritage while charting the course for the future.  The Conference Steering Committee invites you to become involved in the 2018 Conference as a presenter. This is an outstanding opportunity to come together with individuals from all segments of the maritime community to discuss topics of common interest, to learn from your peers, and to share your knowledge and experience with others.

The conference venue is the beautiful New Orleans Marriott. Rooms are available at the terrific rate of $164+ per night! Details of the conference schedule are posted at: www.seahistory.org and  www.sailtraining.org

Focus sessions include, but are not limited to:
♦ Media and Publications                                     ♦ Crew and Staff Training and Development
♦ Tall Ships, Sail Training and Education          ♦ Not for Profit Administration
Under Sail
♦ Marketing and Social Media                             ♦ Fund Development
♦ Vessel Operations and Safety                            ♦ Tall Ships® Events and Host Port

Papers and sessions include, but are not limited to:
♦ Maritime and naval history                              ♦ Inland Water Commerce and seaport                                                                                                     operations
♦ Maritime Art, Literature and Music                ♦ Lighthouses and Lifesaving Stations
♦ Underwater Archaeology                                  ♦ Trade and Communications
♦ Shipbuilding                                                         ♦ Libraries, Archives, and Museums
♦ Marine Science and Ocean Conservation      ♦ National Marine Sanctuaries
♦ Education and Preservation                             ♦ Vessel Restoration
♦ Maritime Heritage Grant Program                  ♦ Small Craft
♦ Marine Protected Areas                                     ♦ Maritime Landscapes

Session Proposals are encouraged. Individual and Session Proposals should include a one-page abstract, and a one-page bio about each presenter. Please email proposals to Dr. David Winkler and Jonathan Kabak at: proposals@tallshipsamerica.org   For proposal guidelines:  www.seahistory.org or www.sailtraining.org    The deadline for papers and session proposals is November 1, 2017

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