The Australian National Maritime Museum is Seeking North American Hosts for an International Tour of their Exhibit: ‘James Cameron – Challenging the Deep’

Immerse yourself in the world of James Cameron, where art, science and technology combineThe Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney is planning an international tour of our highly immersive, artefact and multi-media packed exhibit ‘James Cameron – Challenging the Deep’ and is seeking expressions of interest from potential host museums for the North American leg starting in late 2020 – early 2021.

Immerse yourself in the world of James Cameron, where art, science and technology combineBeginning with the 14-year-old science enthusiast from Chippawa Canada, who builds his first submersible and tests it with his pet mouse as pilot, the exhibit takes visitors on a 45 year journey and 8 deep ocean expeditions with Cameron to Titanic, Bismarck, extreme ocean environments and finally to the Challenger Deep of the Mariana Trench in a unique submersible he built in secret in Australia. The exhibit blends four cinema-scale projection screens, programmed lighting and a continuous soundtrack into a single seamless immersive environment – avoiding the common museum pitfall of too much sound in not enough space.Immerse yourself in the world of James Cameron, where art, science and technology combine.

Artefacts include miniatures, models and costumes from Cameron’s underwater sci-fi epic ‘The Abyss’; costumes, props, models and Cameron’s own script from ‘Titanic’; ROVs from three expeditions to Titanic and to Bismarck; artefacts from the science, design and construction of the DEEPSEA CHALLENGER; a live science demonstration growing rusticles; and specimens collected in the Mariana Trench by HMS Challenger in 1875 and by Cameron in 2012.

In the seven months from opening to 30 January there have been 120,000 ticketed visitors to the exhibit which closes in Sydney mid-2019. The exhibit occupies 400 – 500 square metres and requires a ceiling height of just under 5 metres. Venues will need to meet international museum environmental and security standards. For additional information about the exhibit or to express interest please contact Richard Wood, Creative Producer – Manager USA Programs ( or Will Mather, Project Manager ( at the Australian National Maritime Museum

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