CAMM Annual Meeting: 2019 Proposed Slate of Officers and Board Members

CAMM Members, please review the proposed slate of Officers and Board Members in advance of the CAMM Annual Meeting: April 26, 2019 in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

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Nominations Committee – Proposed Slate 2019


President:  Marifrances Trivelli               (1st one year term)

Vice President:  Sam Heed                        (1st one year term)

Secretary:  Paul Johnston                           (2 year term, renewable)

Treasurer:  Pete Lesher                               (2 year term, renewable)



Susan Sirota – elected 2016 to 1st three-year term / 2019 = 2nd three-year term (to 2022)

Anne Grimes Rand – elected 2017 to 1st three-year term (to 2020)

Jeff Bowdoin – 1st three-year term (to 2022)

Amy Lent – 1st three-year term (to 2022)

Laura Orr – 1st three-year term (to 2022)





The President and Vice President are elected for one-year terms, renewable to a total of three years.

The Secretary and Treasurer are elected for two-year terms.

The Members at Large are elected for three-year terms, renewable to a total of 6 years.

CAMM BOARD TERMS 2019 – Proposed

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