2021 CAMM Conference and Annual Meeting

The Council of American Maritime Museums plans to hold its conference and annual meeting April 26-28, 2021 at the Vancouver Maritime Museum in Vancouver, British Columbia. These plans have been made with the anticipation that international travel and large gatherings will be permitted. More information about the conference program will be released in the coming months. The CAMM Board and the staff of the Vancouver Maritime Museum will continue to monitor and adhere to current directives while they work to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all in 2021.

Conference information will be updated on the CAMM website at https://councilofamericanmaritimemuseums.org/annual-meeting/


1 thought on “2021 CAMM Conference and Annual Meeting

  1. Kristen Greenaway

    We may find it useful to solicit feedback from CAMM members if they believe at this stage whether they believe they will be able to attend, based on various factors, eg., willingness to travel; ability to be able to afford to attend (and optics in doing so), also considering flights may be extremely expensive at this time.


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