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San Francisco Maritime NHP introduces the new podcast Better Lives, Bitter Lies. This fun and educational audio series, created and hosted by park guides Anne Monk and Sabrina Oliveros, will premiere on the Park’s website ( on Tuesday, July 14, 2020.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, all manner of ships sailed into San Francisco Bay, bringing people drawn by the promise of a better life. For many of these newcomers, seeking new lives meant living with ideas – created about their destination, their destinies, and themselves – that shaped both their personal histories and the history of San Francisco’s waterfront. Better Lives, Bitter Lies examines several of these ideas, using San Francisco Bay Area points of interest as springboards for lively, enlightening discussions.

Beginning with the first episode, “Chrysopylae” – which reviews popular beliefs about the naming of the Golden Gate Bridge – Monk and Oliveros use historical documents, firsthand accounts, literature, music, and conversations with experts to examine how these ideas took the form of myth, mistruth, propaganda, or outright falsehood.

A new episode will appear every two weeks on the Park’s podcast page:

Future episodes will include “Gold Mountain,” “Paper Children,” “Daughters of Joy,” “A Deadly Trade,” “Little Brown Brothers,” and a feature on the multifaceted stories carried by the park’s iconic square-rigged cargo ship, Balclutha. Check the park’s website and social media channels for future releases!

Also, the Park has its own official blog now at

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