Cultural exchange network for wooden boatbuilding

MATITSA in Maine is a cultural exchange network of individuals and institutions preserving and providing access to historic wooden boats and traditional boatbuilding skills.  We hope to contribute to and participate in the Matitsa: preservation and development of northern wooden shipbuilding projectwhich is an open platform for skilled workers, amateurs and experts in wooden shipbuilding. Matitsa’s mission is to return the traditional wooden boat back to life; try to understand what it is and thus to answer the question “Who we are and why we live here”.  The project is based out of Arkhangelsk, Russia, with partners in Scandinavia and the US thus far.

MATITSA in Maine will contribute and participate by exchanging wooden boatbuilding technology and teaching techniques, and connecting traditional wooden boat and ship collecting institutions to each other across the globe.  One avenue is to contribute to the website, which will list partners and feature content from each partner site.  Another is to attend the virtual and in-person Matitsa forums in April and July 2021. 

Interested?  Please contact Cipperly Good at to attend a November 2020 planning session on zoom, exact date to be determined.

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