Explore the Historic Ocean Tugboat Hercules in a New Way at the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park!

San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park celebrates the release of a new mobile application that provides a virtual tour through the historic 1907 tugboat Hercules, the only surviving steam powered ocean tug in the United States. Hercules represents not only 1907 marine steam reciprocating technology at its height, but also the strength and fortitude of sailors who survived terrifying storms at sea. Explore this unique survivor of the American maritime story and share in this virtual on-board experience. Take a close look inside the pilot house, crew quarters, and the engineering spaces. In each of these places, you’ll have the opportunity to view 360-degree images, historic photos, and videos describing the events of working and living on this ocean tug.

To find the app, visit the App Store or Google Play, and type in “San Francisco Maritime.” When you see “Xplore Hercules Steam Tug” and/or “San Francisco Maritime,” you’ve found the right one. The App will create an augmented reality version of the ship then start your adventure!

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