How can we protect Lake Champlain?

We’ve all heard that it’s good to clean, drain, and dry. Why? Aquatic invasive species are plants, animals, or pathogens that make their way into our lake through connected waterways and hitching rides on our recreational gear. They threaten native species by competing for habit and food, cause economic and ecological harm, and pose potential health threats to humans and wildlife. 

In 2020, there were 51 invasive species in Lake Champlain. Are there actions we can take to help prevent the spread of these species and stop new potential lake invaders? Yes.

You are invited to a free online webinar and conversation this Thursday, August 12 at 4 PM with Meg Modley Gilbertson, Aquatic Invasive Species Management Coordinator with Lake Champlain Basin Program, to learn more about this lake threat. Meg will walk us through the latest update on how many invasive species are threatening our lake, which ones are the biggest offenders are right now, and the most important things we need to know to prevent future threats and invasions. After a presentation, we’ll open it up to a conversation and Q & A to explore any specific examples and help each other.
This webinar is free to attend, simply register in advance for the invitation link:
Register for August 12 Webinar

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