“Water Solutions: The Charles E. Meyer Desalination Plant” A Free Zoom Webinar by Malcolm Hamilton & Gaylen Fair

On Thursday, September 16, 2021 at 7pm, the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum will present “Water Solutions: The Charles E. Meyer Desalination Plant,” a free Zoom webinar with Malcolm Hamilton and Gaylen Fair of Santa Barbara’s Water and Wastewater utilities. The presentation is free, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Marie L. Morrisroe, but registration is required at https://sbmm.org/santa-barbara-events/

The Charles E. Meyer desalination plant produces 3 million gallons of drinking water on a daily basis, which accounts for about 30% of Santa Barbara’s use.  The speakers will discuss the City of Santa Barbara’s water supply and a history of the plant from initial construction through to the recent reactivation of the plant. They will also examine the current operation of the plant, including the reverse osmosis treatment process, facility layout, total cost of operation, and a tad bit of chemistry. Finally, the presentation will wrap up with a conversation about upcoming construction projects, a recent Water Supply Agreement with Montecito Water District, and the role of desalination in the City’s water supply portfolio.

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