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Paul Bruhn Historic Revitalization (Rural) Grant Program

The Paul Bruhn Historic Revitalization Grant Program, named in honor of the late preservation leader from Vermont, fosters economic development in rural communities through the rehabilitation of historic buildings in those communities. The program provides recipients (referred to as prime grantees) with a single grant that is then regranted in smaller amounts to individual projects (subgrants). Opening Fall 2022CFDA 15.904

Save America’s Treasures (SAT) Grant Program

The Save America’s Treasures grant program was established in 1998 to celebrate America’s premier cultural resources in the new millennium. The National Park Service administers Save America’s Treasures grants in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Institute of Museum and Library Services. Congress has appropriated $26.5 million for this grant program in Fiscal Year 2022.

Opening Fall 2022

CFDA 15.929

African American Civil Rights (AACR) Grant Program

The goal of the African American Civil Rights grant program is to preserve and protect sites associated with the struggle for equality from the transatlantic slave trade forward. AACR Grants fund a broad range of preservation projects including physical preservation of historic structures, National Register nominations, oral histories, education, pre-preservation planning, and more. Congress has appropriated $21.7 million for the program in FY2022. Application Deadline is November 8, 2022. 

The AACR History grant opportunity number is P22AS00647

The AACR Preservation grant opportunity number is P22AS00648

Deadline Reminder for FY2022 History of Equal Rights (HER) Grant Program

The State, Tribal, Local, Plans & Grants Division is now accepting applications for the History of Equal Rights (HER) grant program. Before applying, please make sure that you have read and understand the limitations of each funding program and have carefully reviewed the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO). The Notice of Funding Opportunity contains all the information you will need to create a successful application.

Congress has appropriated $4.625 million for the HER program. Grant projects fund physical preservation or pre-preservation of sites associated with efforts to achieve equal rights. The History of Equal Rights grants are not limited to any specific group and are intended to include the broadest possible interpretation of equal rights for any American.

What is Funded:

  • Preservation projects must range from $75,000 to $750,000 in federal share, of which 20% may go toward pre-preservation costs such as architectural or engineering services. Grant applications that solely involve pre-preservation work must range from $15,000 to $75,000.
  • Preservation projects fund physical preservation of a historic site to include historic districts, buildings, sites, structures, and objects. Projects must comply with relevant laws, such as Section 106 and NEPA, and execute a preservation covenant/easement.
  • Eligible costs: pre-preservation studies, architectural plans and specifications, historic structure reports, and the repair and rehabilitation of historic properties according to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Archeology and Historic Preservation.
  • Properties must be listed in or eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places or designated a National Historic Landmark either individually or as part of a district. Significance must be associated with equal rights. Projects that are not listed on the National Register or are not listed in association with equal rights must include a nomination or amendment to an existing nomination as part of their project.

What is not Funded:

  • Construction of new buildings
  • Acquisition of collections or historic sites
  • Conservation of collections
  • Long-term maintenance or curatorial work beyond the grant period
  • Reconstructing historic properties (recreating all or a significant portion that no longer exists or was removed)
  • Moving or work on moved historic properties that are no longer eligible for listing in the NRHP
  • Cash reserves, endowments, revolving funds, or fund-raising costs
  • Work performed prior to announcement of award
  • Lobbying or advocacy activities
  • Costs for work already completed or funded through other federal programs
  • Administrative costs may not be over 25% of project budget
  • Miscellaneous costs, contingencies, reserves, and overhead

Applications are due September 14, 2022.

Apply Now

AASLH Launches Entrepreneurial and Leadership Professional Development Program

Grow Your Entrepreneurial and Leadership Skills with Arcus from AASLH: Arcus is the newest professional development program from the American Association for State and Local History. It has been specifically developed for emerging and mid-level professionals and those who are new to volunteering in history organizations. Arcus courses will help participants understand the most critical topics in the history field today and incorporate that understanding into their work. AASLH members receive a $25 discount on all Arcus courses and new Individual Members receive 20% off one Arcus course. Learn more at

South Street Seaport seeks Director of Facilities, Operations, and Capital Projects

Director of Facilities, Operations, and Capital Projects

Reporting to senior leadership, the Director of Facilities, Operations, and Capital Projects is responsible for the Seaport Museum’s buildings, pier, and public street activities within the South Street Seaport Historic District. The Seaport Museum’s campus includes buildings within the Schermerhorn Row Block on Fulton/John Street, the “Museum Block” on Water Street, the Titanic Memorial Lighthouse, as well as East River Pier 16 and its structures. Responsibilities include daily operations, maintenance, and security for Museum functions within these spaces, including public galleries and event rentals in the Thomson Warehouse; the Bowne & Co., Stationers storefront; Museum offices, galleries, and collections storage areas within the Schermerhorn Row Block, and several small structures located on Pier 16. Substantial upcoming capital work is planned in Schermerhorn Row.

For more information visit:

Send resume and cover letter to, with “Director of Facilities, Operations, and Capital Projects” in the subject line.
Position open until filled, with priority given to applications received by Monday, August 14, 2022. 

Applications without a cover letter will not be considered. No phone calls, please.

Fall 2022 Collections, Curatorial and Archives Internship Opportunities at the South Street Seaport Museum, New York

The South Street Seaport Museum in New York City is offering two remote collection management and archives internships for the upcoming fall semester of 2022.

Interns participate in the daily work of the Collections Department, shadowing and learning to manage projects related to collection stewardship, inventory and digitization, research, interpretation and digital content creation. In addition to gaining extensive work experience, interns will be offered opportunities for professional development activities and will be provided resources that focus on maritime heritage, New York City history, and the role of museums in society today. Our goal is to provide interns with the most current methods and tools that are relevant to the field, assign projects that are tailored to support their personal and professional growth, and provide space for critical dialogue.

Internships are offered to undergraduate and graduate students, and recent graduates.
Positions are part-time, 3 full days/week, and they are unpaid, but a stipend of $50/day is provided on a bi-weekly basis. Interns also receive free admission to most NYC museums and enjoy employee discounts at the Seaport Museum’s Bowne & Co. Stationers.

The application deadline is Friday, August 5th.

If you know someone interested, please directed them for more information and apply here:

Naval History & Heritage Command hiring a deputy branch head

NHHC is hiring a GS 13 museum curator to serve as deputy curator branch head. This position is open to all US citizens, which is unusual at this GS level. It also includes a selective placement factor that all candidates must meet. Please share this with your colleagues in the profession, and remind them to read the announcement carefully.

The 2022 National Maritime Heritage Grant Program announced. Is radically changed!

A call for grant proposals for the 2022-23 National Maritime Heritage Grant Program was announced by the National Park Service. There is $1.1 million available, but that amount may increase to $2 million pending the further transfer of funds from the US Maritime Administration. MARAD provides funding for the grant program through a percentage of monies collected from recycling vessels.

The application process for 2022 is radically changed.

Proposals will be submitted to the National Park Service only by State Historic Preservation Offices (SHPOs). They are due September 20, 2022. Each SHPO is eligible to receive up to $750,000.  The SHPO will then subgrant to organizations within their state. Proposals from organizations in the state must meet the SHPOs guidelines. 

So, if a state SHP Officer does not apply for, and receive a grant from NPS—maritime organizations in that state are cut out of the grant program. They will have no place to apply. 

NPS only expects to award about 10 grants. That means that ca 10 states, territories, District of Columbia, among the 59 SHPOs will receive a grant.

Note: Grants by NPS to SHPOs are in the usual two areas: Preservation and Education, or both. So, if you contact your state SHPO and urge the submission to NPS of a proposal, make sure the proposal you plan to submit to your SHPO will fit the SHPOs guidelines for subgrants—in education or preservation. The SHPO proposal to NPS can include both preservation and education projects. I would urge you to ask the SHPO to submit in both Education and Preservation areas.

Note, and be aware:   (from NPS guidance)

“Whether submitting an application to one of these areas (Education or Preservation), or an application to both, prime grantees (SHPOs) must determine the focus and criteria for the competitive subgrant program they wish to administer and describe this program in the application submitted to the National Park Service. If successful, prime grantees (SHPOs) will implement their own application process and project selection criteria for choosing which subgrant projects will be funded. Prime grantees may also fund “in house” projects. Subgrant projects are expected to be awarded competitively.”

I urge you to find out if your SHPO has some personal “in-house project” in mind that would soak up all the grant funds.

See the NPS maritime heritage page for how this new grant program is to work.

For complete SHPO proposal guidance: file:///C:/Users/Owner/AppData/Local/Temp/Temp1_P22AS00347%20-%20Full%20Announcement%20-%20Application%20Instructions(1).zip/Foa_Content_of_P22AS00347.pdf

Link to SHPO directory for individual states, territories, DC:  This will provide the name and contact information of your SHPO.

You must reach out now to your SHPO to assure submission of a proposal by September 20.