$10 Million Dollar Endowment Awarded to The Mariners’ Museum and Park

The Mariners’ Museum and Park is thrilled to announce that it has received the largest individual gift in its almost 90-year history. The Batten Foundation has committed $10 million to endow the Museum’s signature access initiative – $1 Admission. This gift will ensure the long-term sustainability of $1 Admission at the Museum.

The Mariners’ Museum $1 Admission initiative is core to the Museum’s mission:

We connect people to the world’s waters, because that is how we are connected to one another.”

The Museum selected $1 for its admission fee to underscore this important idea: through the water, we are one city, one region, one nation, one world – one dollar. Access to the Museum and the stories told by its collection are key to the Museum’s strategy to execute on its mission. By lowering the barrier to entry to $1 per person, the Museum helps to clear the way for people of all backgrounds to find their own connection to the world’s waters and, ultimately, to each other.

In August 2016, The Mariners’ Museum lowered admission to one dollar for the month. The experiment yielded a dramatic increase in the diversity of people visiting the Museum, in the number of kids present in the galleries, and in overall visitation numbers. Because of the success and positive results, the Museum continued $1 Admission for each of the next two summers before permanently adopting the low entry fee in November of 2018. The Museum has seen a 19% increase in overall visitation since the $1 Admission experiment began.

Howard Hoege, the Museum’s President and CEO, explains, “Our Museum team is saying, through $1 Admission, that we are here to serve everyone in our community, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, socioeconomic status – all of the ways in which we sometimes feel different than others. Simply put, we can all trace our heritage back to the water and that makes us all connected, unique together, as one human race.”

The Batten Foundation was moved, in part, to make this commitment by Tom Hunnicutt’s passing earlier this year. Frank Batten, Sr., and Tom Hunnicutt served together on The Mariners’ Museum Board of Trustees and formed a strong friendship based on their mutual love of sailing. The Batten Foundation makes this commitment, in large part, to honor that friendship and the decades of service and leadership that Tom Hunnicutt provided The Mariners’ Museum.

While the Batten Foundation will make an initial $5 million contribution in 2020, the second $5 million will be on a matching basis. Once the Museum has raised an additional $5 million in other endowment gifts, the Batten Foundation will release the other half of the $10 million endowment.

“By virtue of its match, the Batten Foundation has not only ensured the Museum’s permanent commitment to this significant initiative, it has opened the door to even more support for the Museum’s other important initiatives around educational programs for school-aged children, conservation of the Museum’s world class collection, and stewardship of The Mariners’ Museum Park and Noland Trail on behalf of our community. We are humbled and honored by this gift and are using it as motivation to do even more to serve our Hampton Roads community,” Hoege added.

Western Naval History Association’s 2020 Symposium

Aboard USS Midway, 29 February-1 March, 2020

Join an impressive group of naval scholars, historians, and writers for two fascinating days of discussions, workshops, war-gaming, and Q&As.  Lunch and free Midway access will be included.

You’ll hear talks by:

  • Richard B. Frank, author of Tower of Skulls and Guadalcanal
  • Bernard D. Cole, National War College, China expert, and author of Taiwan’s Security, and The Great Wall at Sea: China’s Navy Enters the 21st Century
  • Cynthia A. Watson, Dean of Faculty & Academic Affairs, National War College, author of U.S. National Security, and Combatant Commands
  • Captain Charles R. MacVean, USN Ret., Ph.D., Recollections of a Cold War Sub Skipper
  • David J. Ulbrich, author of Preparing for Victory: Thomas Holcomb and the Making of the Marine Corps, 1936 – 1943
  • Mark E. Fiorey, Master Chief Petty Officer, USN Ret.; Deputy Director of Research, John B. Hattendorf Center for Maritime Historical Research
  • Michael Whitby, Senior Historian, Canadian Department of National Defence, co-author of The Admirals: Canada’s Senior Naval Leadership in the Twentieth Century

      ……and much more!


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Please Register Me for WNHA’s 2020 Symposium! 


Name _________________________________________________________________________


Address _______________________________________________________________________


Email _________________________________________ Phone __________________________


____ Enclosed is my $50 check to cover the symposium fee and a 1-year WNHA membership.

Please mail this form and check to WNHA, 631 East J St., Chula Vista, CA 92910.

Study Historic Preservation and Conservation in Italy this Summer

Dear Colleague,
We are now accepting applications for our summer 2020 field school.
Now in its 22nd year, with alumni from over 170 colleges and universities worldwide, SGPS is dedicated to the preservation of cultural heritage. We offer students the opportunity to study and travel in Italy where they acquire hands-on experience in restoration and conservation.
Session One (June 1 – June 26)
Restoration of Traditional Masonry Buildings and Sketching and Analyzing Historic Buildings
(Program includes lectures and restoration field projects*)
Analysis and Restoration of Archaeological Ceramics in Italy
(Program includes lectures and restoration workshop*)
The Craft of Making and Restoring Book Bindings
Introduction to the Preservation and Preventive Conservation of Books
(Program includes lectures and practical workshop*)
Session Two (July 13 – August 7)
Restoration and Conservation of Paper in Books and Archival Documents
(Program includes lectures and restoration workshop*)
Traditional Materials, Methods of Painting and Art Restoration Issues
(Program includes lectures and painting workshop)
Restoration Theory, Ethics and Issues
(Program includes lectures and discussion)
Architectural & Structural Survey of the Site
(Program includes research and surveying field work*)
*Field Projects:
  • Restoration of the façade of the Church of San Francesco (13th century)
  • Analysis of medieval buildings in San Gemini as part of an urban study of the city
  • Restoration and conservation of artifacts from the Office of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage for the Abruzzo Region
  • Restoration of the Historic Archives of the Dioceses of Terni
  • Archaeological research of the Roman Baths in the Ancient City of Carsulae
Short Intersession Program (June 28 – July 7)
A ten-day trip visiting Siena, Florence and Rome: places of cultural interest, with emphasis on the urban and historical development of each town, including specialized visits to places of interest to restorers.
SGPS is a program of the International Institute for Restoration and Preservation Studies, based in New York. There have been major new developments for our SGPS program over the past two years:
An academic relationship has been established with West Virginia University that offers our students the opportunity to apply for and receive credits through the WVU Art History Department. Also, a significant 3-year cooperation agreement has been signed with the Office of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage for the Abruzzo Region to study and conserve archaeological objects held in their museums, as well as a collaboration with the Historic Archives of the Dioceses of Terni for SGPS participants to study and conserve archival documents.
Our courses are open to students from various disciplines, both undergraduate and graduate. All lessons are taught in English.
If you know any students, scholars, or others interested in this type of study, please inform them about our program. We would appreciate it if you could list our program on your organization’s website as an available educational resource. Click here to print our summer 2020 flyer.

Wisconsin Maritime Museums Seeks Full-Time Youth Engagement Coordinator

Youth Engagement Coordinator
Full-time, salary, non-exempt
$25-30k plus a comprehensive benefits package

The Youth Engagement Coordinator is a full-time position within the Education and Engagement Department of the Wisconsin Maritime Museum. This position develops and delivers a variety of innovative and inclusive educational programs to a school-aged audience. Our youth programs include camps, workshops, special events, field trips and outreach. This Coordinator reports directly to the Director of Education and Engagement.

The Wisconsin Maritime Museum welcomes all people to connect with our waterways through
inclusive programs, engaging exhibits and a world-class collection. Founded in 1969 as a
submariners’ memorial, WMM has grown to be one of the largest maritime museums on the
Great Lakes. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit. Our programs seek to make contemporary
connections to the Great Lakes and our shared maritime heritage.

Responsibilities :
● Develop and lead programs for a school-aged audience including camps, workshops,
special events, field trips and outreach. This includes developing program goals, writing
lesson plans, identifying community partners, creating promotional materials, procuring
supplies and coordinating with various museum departments
● Serve on cross-departmental teams for the creation of exhibits and publications
● Provide written content for social media, marketing and communications
● Engage with the local community to build partnerships, networks and collaborations in
order to increase program diversity, interest and inclusivity
● Build relationships with schools and teachers
● Manage the department calendar
● Communicate and collaborate with exhibitions, curatorial, facilities, visitor engagement,
marketing and finance
● Develop and lead programs for youth with disabilities including Sensory Friendly
● Assist with the creation of program budgets; manage expenditures
● Evaluate and meaningfully reflect on past programs
● Schedule, train and supervise volunteers as needed

Knowledge, Skills and Qualities:
● Bachelor’s degree
● Understanding of educational standards, education trends and best practices
● Experience in program planning and facilitation
● Experience with or desire to engage with diverse groups of students, including students
with disabilities
● Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Youth Engagement Coordinator
Full-time, salary, non-exempt
$25-30k plus a comprehensive benefits package
● Knowledge of best practices in accessibility, inclusion, diversity and equity with a desire
to see all programming through these lenses
● Outstanding public speaking and presenting skills
● Ability to self-motivate and be a key member of a team
● Ability to work some nights and weekends
● Ability to travel for programs, professional development and presentations
● A risk-taker, creative thinker and problem solver

Work Experience:
● One year of related experience
● Experience in museums or other non-profits preferred
● Experience with G-Suite preferred

Equal Opportunity Employer: The Wisconsin Maritime Museum is committed to creating an
institution that reflects our community and nation. We are a proud equal opportunity employer.
All qualified applicants will be considered for this position without regard to race, color, religion,
sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age or veteran status.

To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume to adiaz@wisconsinmaritime.org . No phone
calls please.

Getty Leadership Institute Applications

Calling all Museum Leaders! Join a dynamic, global network of more than 1,800 museum professionals by participating in the Getty Leadership Institute’s executive education programs. See below for program descriptions and dates. Applications for 2020 programs are now open.


Online: March 9-14, 2020

Residency: March 22-March 28, 2020


NextGen 2020 is a blended-learning experience for the museum field’s emerging top talent. The program is designed for mid-level managers with three to five years in a new position. The program blends one week of online learning and one week of residency in a collegial environment at CGU. The curriculum is intensive, while also offering time for self-reflection and practical application of materials and concepts. Modules explore individual leadership styles; team dynamics; diversity and inclusion; audience development; and the future of the museum field. For more information, and to apply, visit: https://gli.cgu.edu/executive-education-programs/nextgen-2020/

MLI 2020

Online: May 4-16, 2020
Residency in Claremont, California: June 5-20, 2020


 The renowned Executive Education Program for Museum Leaders is entering its 40th year. The program is designed to help experienced top-level executives become better leaders to strengthen their institutions’ capabilities and advance the field.

This intensive management program is for CEOs, Directors, COOs, and senior-level museum executives who influence policy, effect change, and are in the first two to seven years of their position. Program participants take four weeks of intensive courses that blends two weeks online and two weeks of residency at CGU and includes practicum sessions at Los Angeles area institutions. Academically rigorous, the program emphasizes leadership development, strategy, organizational culture, diversity and inclusion, and change management.

For more information, and to apply, visit: https://gli.cgu.edu/executive-education-programs/mli-2020/

Gender Equity in Museums Movement

The Gender Equity in Museums Movement launches a platform for individuals and representatives from the museum field to be progressive agents of change by pledging to take an active role to end sexual harassment in the museum workplace. The pledge is available now on Change.org, and on the GEMM website.

The pledge includes a commitment to practice zero tolerance for discrimination, harassment, and sexual violence, refrain from sexist and disrespectful language, act as an educational ambassador on issues surrounding sexism and consent in the museum field. The pledge is a resource for the museum world to identify individuals committed to ending sexual harassment in the workplace. 

GEMM states that it is important to sign the pledge because “We believe everyone on the gender spectrum is a strong and valuable resource for museums and heritage institutions; we all need to play our role in making society a better place, to no longer play the quiet bystander.” 

To read and sign the pledge to end sexual harassment in the museum workplace, visit www.genderequitymuseums.com.

About GEMM

The Gender Equity in Museums Movement (GEMM) is a coalition of individuals and organizations committed to raising awareness, affecting change, and championing transparency about gender equity in the museum workplace. To learn more about GEMM please visit www.genderequitymuseums.com; Join our Facebook Group!