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Name(s) of Collection(s):

  • John G. Alden Collection
  • Atlantic Works Collection
  • William A. Baker Collection
  • Bethlehem Steel Corporation
  • Captain Arthur H. Clark Collection
  • Davis-Hand Collection
  • Haffenreffer-Herreshoff Collection
  • McInnis-Lawley Collection
  • Gordon Munro Collection
  • George Owen Collection
  • Frank C. Paine Collection
  • Hart General Collection

Collection(s) Description:

The Francis Russell Hart Nautical Collections are one of the oldest and most extensive archives of nautical technology in the USA. The collections date from the 16th century to recent cutting edge ocean technologies. The collections primarily document design and construction by the leading ship builders, marine engineers and yacht designers of the past 150 years. The collections listed above represent approximately 120,000 plans. Several of these collections have been retrospectively cataloged. Printed or online finding aids are available for the following: Haffenreffer-Herreshoff Collection, Davis-Hand Collection, George Owen Collection and the William A. Baker Collection.

The MIT nautical museum was established in 1922 as a new resource of MIT’s Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (founded in 1893). The original purpose of the Hart Nautical Museum was to support the teaching of naval architecture and marine engineering at MIT. The Francis Russell Hart Nautical Museum merged with the MIT Museum in 1982.

Vessel Types

✓ Military

✓ Military / Cargo

✓ Other Government, i.e., Lighthouse Service, U.S.C.G., etc.

✓ Commercial / Cargo

✓ Commercial / Passenger

✓ Commercial / Fishing

✓ Recreational / Pleasure

✓ Small Craft

✓ Sailing

✓ Steam

✓ Diesel

✓ Research

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✓ Online

✓ Email

✓ By appointment

✓ Written request

✓ Telephone request

Comment: Please contact us to arrange access 24 hours before desired visitation

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Contact information for research requests:

Kurt Hasselbalch

Curator, Hart Nautical Collections

Phone: 617.253.5942

Fax: 617.258.9107