2018 Conference Presentations



Wednesday, April 4, 2018

MORNING SESSION – Disaster Planning

Paul Johnston, Smithsonian National Museum of American History
Disaster Planning at the Smithsonian Johnston – Disaster Planning at the Smithsonian

Deborah Atwood and Zoe Brady, National Museum of Bermuda
Batten Down the Hatches: The Importance of Disaster Preparedness in Museums Atwood and Brady – Batten Down the Hatches

Bruce Jones, Columbia River Maritime Museum
Planning to Recover: Hurricane Katrina Lessons Learned Jones – Planning to Recover Hurricane Katrina Lessons Learned

Beth Sanders, Naval Undersea Museum
Planning for the Worst: Collections Management Approaches to Disaster Planning Sanders – Planning for the Worst Collections Management Approaches to Disaster Planning


AFTERNOON SESSION – “Learning from Failure” Panel Discussion

Rolf Johnson, Anne Rand, & Sam Heed
Learning from Failure: Planning A Little Disaster Can Lead to Future Success
Johnson Rand Heed – Learning from Failure


Thursday, April 5, 2018


MORNING SESSION A – Education (Concurrent)

Laura Orr and Elijah Palmer, Hampton Roads Naval Museum
Re-thinking Museum Education Laura Orr, Rethinking Museum Education

Branwen Smith-King, Bermuda Sloop Foundation
Experiential Learning Branwen Smith-King Sloop Foundation

Tom Herbert-Evans, Endeavour Program
Education through Sailing Tom Herbert-Evans Endeavor

Rich Eisenberg, Erie Maritime Foundation/Bayfront Maritime Museum
High School Magnet Program Development (Grade 9) Eisenberg Bayfront Maritime Magnet Program

David Allen, SUNY Maritime College
A graduate and undergraduate course in the peculiar issues facing maritime-focused cultural sites America David Allen SUNYMaritimeCollege

MORNING SESSION B – Collections Management (Concurrent)

Stephanie Loden, Naval History & Heritage Command
Revamping the Navy’s Loan Program Stephanie Loden Naval History and Heritage Command

Lori Sanderlin, North Carolina Maritime Museum, Southport
Growing Pains: Collections Management and Transitions from a Private to a State Facility Lori Sanderlin Growing Pains

Cipperly Good, Penobscot Marine Museum
Storage in an Imperfect World Cipperly Good Storage on a Budget

Martina Caruso, South Street Seaport Museum
The South Street Museum Inventory Handbook Martina Caruso South Street Museum Inventory Handbook

Michelle Kennedy, South Street Seaport Museum
A Printer, a Bank, and FDIC: The Clipper Card Collection South Street Seaport Museum  Michelle Kennedy A Printer, A Banker and the FDIC


AFTERNOON SESSION – Underwater Archaeology & Museum and Organization Updates

Underwater Archaeology

Jim Delgado & Anna Holloway, SEARCH, Inc.
Bringing the Vessel to the Visitor: Underwater Archaeology as a Participatory Gallery Experience Jim Delgado Bringing the Vessel to the Visitor

Museum & Organization Updates

Burchenal Green, National Maritime Historical Society
How to Grow Museum Attendance by 600,000 Eager Members Burchenal Green National Maritime Historical Society

Deirdre O’Regan, Sea History Magazine
Help Me Help You: Promoting Your Exhibitions in Sea History Magazine  Deirdre O’Regan SEA HISTORY

Paul Cullen, Boston Marine Insurance Services
Covering the Full Exposure: Maximizing the Benefits of Marine Underwriters Paul Cullen Marine Insurance



Friday, April 6, 2018


MORNING SESSION A: Audience Development (Concurrent)

Sophie Cressall, Bermuda National Gallery
Using Local Artists to Reinterpret Your Collection 

Howard Hoege and Lyles Forbes, The Mariners’ Museum and Park
Navigating a Sea Change: A Collection-Based, Audience-Focused Strategy Lyles Forbes Mariners Museum

Duncan MacLeod, Vancouver Maritime Museum
The Lost Fleet: Exploring Historic and Modern Social Issues Through Exhibitions Duncan MacLeod The Lost Fleet

Michael Harrison, Nantucket Historical Association
Nantucketers and their Boats: Reconnecting to the Community through Collecting and Scholarship

MORNING SESSION B: History & Case Studies (Concurrent)

Jane Downing, National Museum of Bermuda
Bermuda Piloting: 400 Years of Danger, Daring, and Dedication Jane Downing Piloting in Bermuda

Brendan Burke, St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum
Keeping the Light: New Landscapes for Research and Interpretation Brendan Burke Keeping the Light

Eric Wiberg
U-Boats Off Bermuda  Eric Wilberg U-Boats Off Bermuda

Jeff Bowdoin & Dave Krop, US Naval History and Heritage Command
There and Back Again: The Journey of the USS Utah Bell Jeff Bowdoin & Dave Krop There and Back Again

Jim McKee, Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson State Historic Site
Reaching for the Channel: Archaeological Investigations of William Dry’s Wharf and Efforts to Save It Jim McKee Reaching for the Channel

CAMM Annual Meeting