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Mariners’ Museum receives key components from Oracle’s America’s Cup winner


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The Mariners’ Museum recently received a donation from Oracle Team USA of parts from its 2013 America’s Cup-winning catamaran. The donation included one of the revolutionary “J”-foil daggerboards, which lifted the 72-foot catamaran from the water at high speeds, as well as a replacement bow section.

Newport News, VA – The Mariners’ Museum has received a donation of key components from the 2013 America’s Cup-winning Oracle Team USA catamaran. The donation included one of the revolutionary “J”-foil daggerboards, which lifted the 72-foot catamaran from the water at high speeds.

The gift is the culmination of a conversation that began in February between Mariners’ Museum Chief Curator Lyles Forbes and Oracle Team USA. Forbes initially set his sights on one of the smaller AC45 catamarans used in the America’s Cup World Series.

Oracle Team responded that it couldn’t accommodate Forbes’ request – because the AC45 was still an active class. But Oracle surprised him by offering a much bigger prize – pieces from the Cup-winning AC72.

“I was hugely ecstatic,” said Forbes, a longtime fan of competitive sailing who attended the 2013 America’s Cup regatta in San Francisco. “I didn’t even consider that in the realm of possibility.”

Oracle Team USA’s successful defense of the America’s Cup last year is considered one of the greatest comebacks in sports history. The team came from an 8-1 deficit to beat Emirates Team New Zealand.

The boat’s “J”-shaped foiling daggerboards work like airplane wings, lifting the massive catamaran from the water as it reaches high speeds. The winning 72-foot catamaran sailed at more than 50 miles per hour during the 2013 America’s Cup regatta. . The 35th defense of the Cup will be in 2017.

“The J-foils made the difference,” Forbes said. “They literally raised America’s Cup to a whole new level.”

In addition to donating one of the large “J” foils, Oracle Team USA also provided a replacement bow section, and a “T” foil rudder from the smaller AC45 class as well as some crew gear.

A new display is being planned for the International Small Craft Center, alongside one of the earliest sailing hydrofoils – Monitor, which was a project between the U.S. Navy and Baker Manufacturing in the late 1950s.

2014 Ed Monk Scholarship Award

The deadline for applications for the 2014 Ed Monk Scholarship Award has been extended to May 1. The Award was established to provide educational opportunities for professionals working in traditional maritime trades. This year, for the first time, interns also are eligible to receive the scholarship. The mission of the award is to further maritime professionals’ and interns’ knowledge of traditional marine trades in other cultures. Study and research may include current and historical methods of boat construction using different materials, designs based on the functions to be served by the boats, materials available for construction and the state of technology.

The Center for Wooden Boats (CWB), Seattle, Washington is seeking applications from qualified persons. Applications now are due on or before May 1, 2014. The applicant should explain how the project will enrich the existing knowledge of the applicant and how the funds would be used. The budget for the grant may include transportation, housing, and other appropriate expenses. The background of the applicant in traditional marine trades and a list of references also are required.

Decisions by the application committee will be made by or before May 15, 2014. Funds granted must be used within one year of the award. A written report of the activities and benefit derived from the experience must be submitted to CWB.

Grants awarded will total $1,500.

The award was named to honor Ed Monk, a prominent and respected boat designer and builder in the Northwest. The Fund was established by John M. Goodfellow, who has participated in the hands-on-history activities at The Center for Wooden Boats. He is an advocate of preserving traditional maritime skills and wishes to encourage this through studies of those traditional skills being carried on beyond the applicants’ local regions and local knowledge.

The application committee consists of the donor and CWB Founding Director Dick Wagner. Applicants can be of any locality, wishing to study indigenous designs, materials and techniques of other areas.

For more information, contact CWB Founding Director Dick Wagner at CWB at (206) 382-2628,


The Center for Wooden Boats, founded in 1976, provides a gathering place where maritime history comes alive through direct experience and our small craft heritage is enjoyed, preserved, and passed along to future generations. CWB, with locations on Lake Union in Seattle and at Cama Beach State Park on Camano Island, engages visitors in whole body learning by putting the historic boats, oars and paddles, sails and tools in the hands of people who visit. To learn more about year-round maritime activities at Seattle’s Lake Union Park visit

Teaching With Small Boats Conference, Mystic, Seaport, October 15-18

Don’t miss it!

If you use boats to teach, it’s a tremendous opportunity to meet and learn from your peers.

This will also be the only TWSBA Conference of the East Coast for several years. So, if you’re nearby, this is the one to attend.

You need to Register Now!

If you’re coming, you need to register. Just fill out the form on our website and send it in, or FAX it, to Mystic Seaport.

If you’re still “on the fence” and need reasons to come, here are two:

Reason #1

The Conference dinner, on Tuesday the 15th, will honor the achievements of Dick and Colleen Wagner from the Center for Wooden Boats. Dick and Colleen created the Center For Wooden Boats. It’s safe to say that most of us have been strongly influenced and inspired by their work. Their trips to the East Coast have been getting rarer. So, don’t miss this chance to celebrate their achievements and say, “Thank You.”

Reason #2

There are going to be great presentations, panel discussions, hands on experiences and practical workshops. Just take a look at this list!

TWSBA 2013 Planned Presentations, Workshops and Experiences-

Presentations and Panel Discussions:


Building To Teach – One Year Out

“Marinizing” the Common Core Standards-

Whaleboats for the Charles W. Morgan:

Serving AdultsWorking with In-School & Out-of School Youth; A Panel Discussion

The Role of the Social Workers and Counselors in TWSBA Organizations

Related Teaching Organizations; A Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion on Fundraising Strategies that Work;Panel Discussion on Incorporating Indigenous Content

Model Boats as Teaching Tools

Training Professional Boat Builders


Taking Care of Basics

Planning Your New Program

Connecting To The Common Core Standards

Hands on Experiences:

Building and Using SeaPerch ROVs

How to Teach Steam Bending

Integrating Tools & Technology into Programs

Foil Boats for Teaching Math, Science and Engineering

Building and Using Indigenous Craft/ First Americans

Sailing Model Boats

Computer Programs as Small Boat Teaching Tools-


Tour Of Dupont Shipyard

Tour of Mystic Seaport’s Mill Storage

On the Water

St Ayles Skiffs

Hull Pilot Gigs and Whaleboats

Various Boating Activities



Best regards on behalf of the Steering Committee,

Joe Youcha