Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

Some of CBMM’s ships plans can be found through searches of manuscript finding aids posted on the museum website. Ordering, however, cannot be accomplished directly online and requires email or other communication.

Name of Collections Edward G. Brownlee Papers (MS 25); Howard Irving Chapelle Ship Plans Collection (1976.42); John G. Earle Collection (1993.67); Josef W. Liener Collection (2004.28); Thomas Gillmer Collection (2000.38 and 2011.2); Ted Graves Collection (1972.12); Robert Goldsborough Henry, Jr. Papers (MS 11); Captain Richards T. Miller Collection (MS 86); Owens Yacht Company Collection (MS 79); Ralph Houghton Wiley Papers (MS 4); Trumpy Yacht Collection (Ms 43)

Description: CBMM’s ship plans collections amount to 1283 cataloged designs in total. Many of these are sourced from yacht designers or naval architects and contain principally designs produced by that individual or firm. Other designs in the collection are documentation drawings made from the vessel after it was constructed, often many years or decades later.  Most of these represent Chesapeake Bay small craft or small commercial vessels of under 100 feet in length and under 100 gross tons.

Vessel Types

  • Military
  • Commercial / Cargo
  • Commercial / Fishing
  • Recreation / Pleasure
  • Sailing
  • Steam
  • Diesel
  • Small Craft

Type of Access:

  • By Appointment
  • Written Request
  • Telephone Request

Website: Museum collections information

Contact: email or (410) 745-2916