Columbia River Maritime Museum

Name of Collections

Astoria Marine Construction Company (AMCCo); U.S. Coast Guard; U.S. Navy; Kaiser Shipyard; Raymond Aker; Hewitt Jackson


  • AMCCo- Drawings of fishing vessels, tugs, pleasure craft, ferries, barges, WWII era minesweepers.
  • USCG- Full sets of drawings for WLV 604, 44′ MLB.
  • US Navy- WWII era patrol craft, minesweepers, lifeboats, sub chasers.
  • Kaiser Shipyard- Liberty and Victory ships.
  • Raymond Aker- reference copies of drawings for various model projects
  • Hewitt Jackson- Artistic renderings and study drawings of late 18th century vessels used in the exploration of the Pacific Northwest.

Vessel Types

  • Commercial / Cargo
  • Military
  • Commercial / Passenger
  • Commercial / Fishing
  • Recreation / Pleasure
  • Sailing
  • Steam
  • Military / Cargo
  • Small Craft
  • Other Government
  • Research


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  • By Appointment
  • Written Request



Jeffrey H. Smith


Columbia River Maritime Museum

1792 Marine Dr.

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