Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston

The collection of the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes includes: Archival Materials; Art; Artefacts; Photographs and Library materials, Shipping Company Collections, Shipbuilding and Design Collections; The Museum’s Historic Site.

The official geographic limits of the collection are from Montreal to the Lakehead. The major exception to these limits is the library collection, which is International in scope.

Name of Collections: Among the Collections represented are: C&C Yachts; Collingwood Shipyards; Canadian Vickers; Canada Dredge& Dock; Davie Shipyards; German & Milne (Naval architects (1928-1986); The Johnston Collection; Kingston Shipyards; The MacLachlan Collection; Midland Shipyards; McConnell Collection (including Canada 1); Port Arthur Shipyards

Description: Shipbuilding and Yacht Design Collections

There are over 50,000 ship,watercraft and yacht plans in the collection. Business records, photographs and library holdings complement the plan collections. Naval vessels, merchant ships, dredgers, tugs,ice breakers and yachts are well represented.

Many of these Marine Museum Collections have been designated, Canadian Cultural Property. There are numerous individual designers and small building  yards represented. Shipping company business records often include ships plans. Among these are Algoma Marine, Canada Steamship Lines and Upper Lakes Shipping.

Vessel Types

  • Military
  • Commercial / Cargo
  • Commercial / Passenger
  • Commercial / Fishing
  • Recreation / Pleasure
  • Sailing
  • Steam
  • Diesel
  • Small Craft
  • Other Government
  • Other: The Great Lakes Historic Ship Project has recorded the lines and hydrostatics of many 19th century vessels by taking the measurements directly off half-models.

Type of Access:

  • Online
  • By Appointment
  • Written Request
  • Telephone Request

Researchers are advised to contact the museum in advance. E mail is preferred followed by a written request. And yes, phone calls are accepted at 613-542-2261.

Website Go the and then follow the ‘Research’ link.


The Curator/Collections Manager is Lena Beliveau:

The Curator Emeritus is Maurice D Smith

Marine Museum of the Great Lakes

55 Ontario Street,

Kingston, Ontario