Northwest Seaport

It is a small collection pertaining only to the vessels Northwest Seaport owns and very few have been digitized yet.

Name of Collections:

  • Wawona, 1897 lumber schooner built by Hans Ditlev Bendixsen in Fairhaven, California.
  • Lightship No. 83, built in Camden, NJ in 1904
  • Arthur Foss, built in Portland, OR in 1889

Description: Northwest Seaport’s ship plans collections include only the vessels in the Northwest Seaport fleet. Two sets of plans are available for the 1889 tugboat Arthur Foss. More than a dozen sheets exist for the 1897 lumber schooner, Wawona. And more than 25 sheets exist for the 1904 Lightship No. 83. Few are digitized, but can be upon request.

Vessel Types 

  • Commercial / Cargo
  • Sailing
  • Steam
  • Diesel
  • Other Government

Type of Access: Written Request


Nathaniel Howe

Nautical Archaeologist & Vessel Manager

Northwest Seaport

PO Box 9744

Seattle, WA 98109