Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society

Specific Large Collections include: Lee & Brinton, L.H. Coolidge, L.E. Geary, Ben Seaborn and Ed Monk Sr. (in 2014)

Collection(s) Description:

The Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society Ship Plan Collection is focused on the designs of Pacific Northwest naval architects and boat builders from 1910 to 1960.

The designs of noted naval architects Lee & Brinton, L.H. Coolidge, L.E. Geary, Ben Seaborn and in 2014, Ed Monk Sr., are the backbone of the collection.

The majority of the plans are for vessels under 100 feet in length and are arranged by naval architect in the sequence of design.

Vessel Types:

  • Military – small boats, no warships
  • Other Government, i.e., Lighthouse Service, U.S.C.G., etc.
  • Commercial / Cargo – MARAD
  • Commercial / Passenger
  • Commercial / Fishing
  • Recreational / Pleasure
  • Small Craft
  • Sailing
  • Steam
  • Diesel
  • Research

Type of Access:

  • Email
  • By appointment
  • Written request
  • Telephone request

Collection URL: www.pugetmaritime.org

Contact information for research requests:

research@pugetmaritime.org or 206-812-5464