Annual Conference

The 2021 CAMM ANNUAL CONFERENCE: April 19-21

The 2021 CAMM annual conference will take place VIRTUALLY ONLY. Details of formats will follow as soon as possible. PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGED DATES.

In response to the current pandemic and feedback received from our membership survey, the 2021 CAMM conference will be 100% virtual. This will be an exciting new format for CAMM. The conference will be presented via a customized platform and speakers will have the opportunity to access technical support before and during the conference. In addition to the usual presentations and panels, there will be virtual social events, making this year’s conference both informative and rewarding.

This year’s registration rate is $39.00, which includes access to all sessions, virtual events, and use of the online archive of sessions for 90 days from the end of the conference. Registration will open on February 22, 2021

Due to their affordable nature (with no travel or lodging expenses), online conferences usually attract a much larger number of registrants, which means your presentation will reach a broader audience.

The call for proposal deadline remains February 12, 2021.

Please take a moment to review the submission guidelines below, and feel free to contact the Chair of the Program Committee, Laura Orr, with any questions at

We look forward to your participation!

Call for Conference Presentation Proposals

There is a new call for proposals for the CAMM 2021 virtual conference. All proposals for the CAMM 2021 virtual conference must fit into the overall conference theme and/or answer one of the following questions. This year’s overall theme is: Engagement and Inclusion.

Questions to consider:

  • How do we as maritime museums continue to engage our visitors and members?
  • What are some of the challenges your museum has overcome, and how did you overcome those challenges? What can other museums learn from this?
  • Has your museum had success with virtual programming? To what extent will your museum continue or expand virtual offerings?  What can other museums learn from your experience?
  • Consider how maritime museums reach and relate to different audiences. Who are we reaching, how are we reaching them, and who do we still need to reach? Use specific examples from your museum.
  • How are you re-evaluating your collections in the interest of broader engagement?

Please note: We highly encourage presenters to submit proposals for panel presentations; however, single presentation proposals will also be accepted. All presenters will be required to conduct a live presentation in this virtual conference. Additionally, presenters will be expected to take part in a real-time question and answer session after their presentations.

Also note: Because the conference now is completely virtual, any prior proposals must be resubmitted.

All proposals are due by 5pm EST on Friday, February 12, 2021. Submit your proposal to the CAMM administrator at using this form. The CAMM program committee will choose presentations and you will be notified by Friday, March 5, 2021.

2019 CAMM Annual Conference

The 2019 CAMM Annual conference was held April 24-26, 2019 in Manitowoc, Wisconsin hosted by the Wisconsin Maritime Museum. Images were provided by CAMM Members.  Thank you.

2019 CAMM Conference Program


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