Annual Conference


The 2021 CAMM ANNUAL CONFERENCE: April 19-21

The 2021 CAMM annual conference will take place VIRTUALLY ONLY.

Registration are closed!


All presentations and networking events will be hosted through Zoom. In order to have the best online experience, make sure you are able to log into Zoom. Version 5.4.2 or later is strongly recommended for the best experience. A decent camera, microphone, and speakers will ensure you don’t miss out on anything! We understand some government agencies do not allow Zoom to be downloaded, but you can still participate on the web version of Zoom. The app version of Zoom is highly recommended, but the web-based version will work fine. Many opt to use a personal computer to participate for better engagement and experience.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to log on to our online platform and have the most fun at our online conference.

We are excited to offer closed captioning for all presentations and live Q&A. In addition to the spectacular session presentations, we will also be hosting fun networking opportunities where you can meet up with old friends, and meet new ones! All presentations will be recorded and available to event attendees for 3 months, so you can watch, and rewatch sessions at your leisure.

The Conference Program is now online. Please note that its details are subject to change.

2019 CAMM Annual Conference

The 2019 CAMM Annual conference was held April 24-26, 2019 in Manitowoc, Wisconsin hosted by the Wisconsin Maritime Museum. Images were provided by CAMM Members.  Thank you.

2019 CAMM Conference Program



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