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  • Participation within a network of over 90 maritime museums, institutions and individuals across North America and beyond;
  • A listing in our directory and inclusion on our location map, which can be viewed by member institutions and the public at large;
  • Annual meeting for face to face networking and sharing expertise; and
  • Reciprocal admissions cards


There are four kinds of membership: full, affiliate, individual, and student.  Membership dues are $125/year for institutions and $75 for individuals. Student memberships dues are $25/year.

• Full members are entitled to vote, hold elected and executive office, and constitute a quorum for CAMM business. Full Members are the backbone of CAMM.

• Affiliate Members are also entitled to participate in CAMM activities, except they may not vote or hold elected or executive office, make nominations for offices, or constitute a quorum. Affiliate Members may serve on committees and in advisory capacities.

• Individual and student members have the same status as Affiliates.


  • All Members are approved by the Board and pay yearly dues.
  • All Members must abide by the Council of American Maritime Museums (CAMM) By-laws and Code of Ethics, the policies of the American Alliance of Museums (AAM), and the United Nationals Educational, Scientific and Cultural  Organization (UNESCO) Convention on the Protection of Underwater Heritage 2001. (See copies of these documents under “Supplementary Materials” below.)

For Full Membership in CAMM
To become a Full Member of CAMM, an institution must meet the following criteria:

1. Be a maritime museum or museum with significant maritime collections, located within the United States and holding 501(c)(3) status, or museum with significant maritime collections, located outside the United States and meeting all requirements of Sec. 170(c)(2), [except Sec. 170(c)(2)(a) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.];

2. Be open to the general public on a regular basis for a minimum of 120 days per year, for at least two years from the time of nomination;

3. Be an institution which abides by the policies of AAM, its By-laws, and its Code of Ethics.

For Affiliate Membership in CAMM

To become an affiliate member of CAMM, an institution must meet the following criteria:

1. Museums with maritime collections which are not predominantly ‘maritime museums’ or which do not qualify for full membership;

2. Emerging maritime museums, as a preliminary to full membership;

3. Historic vessels, lighthouses, and lifesaving stations;

4. Maritime preservation societies;

5. Oceanographic, marine biological, and scientific organizations with historical interests harmonious with the maritime preservation interests of CAMM;

6. Accredited educational entities regularly engaged in fields related to maritime preservation;

7. Maritime museums and preservation institutions elsewhere in the Americas and outside the United States;

8. Publishers.

For Individual and Student Membership in CAMM

Individuals with an interest in North America’s maritime heritage. Those elected to individual and student membership receive a CAMM reciprocal card, which entitles them to free admissions to CAMM member institutions.

Instructions on how to join as an individual or student are on the application form.


To become a Member, you’ll need to complete a membership form which includes an endorsement of CAMM Archaeology Standards and a $125 application fee. The application information will be evaluated by the membership committee along with the results of a site visit or for individual members, the recommendation of a full or affiliate member.

Although the Membership Committee may waive the site visit requirement for Affiliate Membership, all candidate institutions must be elected to membership by the Executive Committee, subject to ratification by a majority of the Full Members.

CAMM application in Microsoft Word format.

Supplementary materials:


CAMM Code of Ethics

American Alliance of Museums Code of Ethics for Museums

American Alliance of Museums Guidelines on Exhibiting Borrowed Objects

UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage 2001


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