San Francisco Maritime National Park Association

Name of Collection: USS PAMPANITO ship drawings


1- Microfilm copied from the collection of US National Archives and Record Administration in College Park, MD.

About a two dozen drawings scanned from original paper drawings at NARA. The 5400 series includes 12 reels of SS-381 group (includes PAMPANITO SS-383) microfilm. The 32429 series are from 17 reels of GUPPY II microfilm based on SS-381 and upgraded to GUPPY II in the 1950s.  There is considerable overlap between the two series.

2- Digital scans of the above material from NARA.

3- Approximately 12 boxes of un-cataloged original paper drawings of Pampanito.  These are currently not

Vessel Types:

  • Military  
  • Other: BALAO class, 1943 submarine

Type of Access:

  • Online
  • Written Request

Some, but not all the digital collection is available online at