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Sea Sleds Available to CAMM Members

Before making these craft available to the general public, Mystic Seaport would like to offer CAMM members the chance to acquire two Hickman Model 13 Sea Sleds that are surplus to the needs of the museum. Both boats are offered free of charge to a bona fide 501(c)(3) historical organization. The new owner will, however, be responsible for all costs associated with moving the boats.

For photos and more information see CAMM Notice Model 13 Sea Sleds

Submitted by Kurt Voss, August 10, 2016

Objects Available for Transfer from the Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society

The Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society (PSMHS), located in Seattle, Washington, has put together a list of objects that have been deaccessioned because they are either redundant to their collection, are not within their capability to care for, or are beyond their collection scope. PSMHS holds the legal title to all objects listed and will transfer to any appropriate institution’s permanent or education collection. Please note that some objects may poor condition.

If your institution is interested in any of the objects, please contact Alicia Barnes at by Monday, March 30, 2015, for photos or more information. Please include the object’s ID number when inquiring. Object claims will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

List of available objects

Center for Wooden Boats Seeks Home for Historic Canoe

club canoe1The Center for Wooden boats in Seattle, WA, is looking for a new home for this late 19th century club canoe. It is about 25’LOA. It was found and brought to CWB in the 1980s from Vancouver, CA, though likely built in Ontario in the late 1880s.

CWB is reaching out far and wide to find a good home for this canoe. Please contact me if your organization has any interest.

Kyle Hunter
Collection Manager
The Center for Wooden Boats

Objects Available from Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society

Below is a list of objects approved for deaccession by the Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society (PSMHS), located in Seattle, WA. PSMHS holds legal title for all of these objects, and each one is available for transfer to an appropriate institution. We are willing to transfer to permanent as well as education collections. Some objects may be in poor condition.

For more information or if your institution is interested in a particular item, please contact Jessica Bellingham at by January 15, 2014. Items will be transferred on a first-come, first-served basis. Please include the accession number when inquiring about an object.

Thanks very much for your time, and we hope you find something that interests you & your institution!

• PS103 – Wooden name board from schooner “Tongass.” 70” long.

• PS304 – Piece of teakwood; relic from schooner “La Natalie.” 3”x3”x8”

• PS901.7a-i – Set of 9 spline weights for drafting, lead with brass hooks

• PS1057 – Mock-up of boiler front built for an engine room exhibit

• PS1061.1 – framed ink drawing/joiner plans for SS Kansas City, which became the S.S. Alaska

• PS1067.1 & .2– Marine engine, Lathrop. Standard model 4 cycle, 2 cylinder, with instruction booklet. Mounted on wood stand on wheels.

• PS1128 – Elto outboard motor

• PS1129 – Outboard motor

• PS1138.25.1 & .2 – 2 woven provisioning baskets

• PS1151.1 to .9 – Jacob’s ladder (5 treads) and 8 wood rigging blocks

• PS1162 – Weatherproof uniform “liberated from Navy Sea Bee camp on Iwo Jima”, including overalls & hooded top.

• PS1204.38 – Commemorative dish for launching of MV Rabenfels of Hansa line.

• PS1232.3 – Iron eye fitting on wooden knee beam from “Star of Bengal”

• PS1235 – Boatswain’s metal handheld whistle

• PS1409.80 – Model door lock with knob & latch assembly mounted on wooden display stand

• PS1409.114 – Document or letter holder, used by ship’s purser to index bills, etc.

• PS1409.139 – Gold shoulder loop from Imperial Japanese 7th

• PS1409.214 – Miniature model of English fishing cutter – 4.5” long

• PS1409.216 – Box full of loose ship model pieces

• PS1409.239 – Miniature ship model made of a turkey breast bone

• PS1422 – Scott Atwater outboard motor.

• PS1425 – Outboard motor, Johnson Motors, Waukegan III

• PS1998.40.1 to .9 – Radiophones, handsets, radio direction finders, etc. Note that only 8 are available – PSMHS will be keeping one of these. All are slightly rusty.

• PS2000.12.7 – Anchor chain

• PS2000.27 – 373 Navigational charts in 12 tubes, world coverage

• PS2000.30.1 to .6 – Scale, weights, pressure gauge, zinc anode, box end wrench

• PS2000.37 – Sport fishing rod & reel.

• PS2000.42.4 – Deadeye and iron wire shroud end on wood deadeye from sailing vessel “America.”

• PS2000.42.5 – Wood planking fragment from sailing vessel “America”

• PS2001.37.3 – Bottom action winch for small sailing yacht, Merriman Bros., Boston

• PS2001.51 – Miscellaneous maritime-themed baseball caps in unknown condition.

• PS2001.57.1 – Copper gunpowder canister, copper pitcher form with two handles

• PS2001.57.6 – Medal “Ships for Victory”, bronze with red, white, and blue ribbon.

• PS2001.60.1 – Polarstar immersion suit in unknown condition

• PS2002.28 – Large model of Todd Shipyard diorama

• PS2002.29 – Wooden steering wheel from the SS “Baranof”, 72” diameter

• PS2003.1.4 – 8 blue glass canning jars

• PS2003.9 –Fabric & wire anchor signal in unknown condition

• PS2004.10 – Radar display simulator for navigation training

• PS2004.22 – Wood casting pattern for rocker arm of Nordberg engine

• PS2005.1.6 – Framed bill of landing/manifest for ship “Audubon” from NY to San Francisco

• PS2007.17.2 – Broken diorama of 3-masted schooner on wooden base

• PS2007.17.3 – Broken diorama of brigantine on wooden base

• PS2007.17.4 – Broken diorama of four-masted barkentine on wooden base

• PS2007.25.1 – Print of S.S. “Master”

• PS2007.27 – Bronze searchlight, 19” diameter

• PS2008.1 – Steam pump – direct acting, duplex, painted green.

Gill Net Gear & Materials Available to CAMM Members

Below is a list of objects approved for deaccession by the Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society (PSMHS), located in Seattle, WA. The historical society holds legal title for all of these objects, and each one is available for transfer to an appropriate institution.

For more information or if your institution is interested in a particular item, please contact Jessica Bellingham at jbelling [at] by December 15, 2013. Items will be transferred on a first-come, first-served basis. Please include the accession number when inquiring about an object.

All the objects below are from a collection of gill net gear & materials from Frank Scott, a gill netter.  We would be glad to transfer to a permanent collection or to an education collection.

Thanks very much for your time, and we hope you find something that interests you & your institution!

  • PS2000.23.1 – Sail, cotton, white, sprit sail rig, Frank Scott gillnetter 1913. A photograph of Frank Scott in his first gill netter with this sail exists in a Bellingham or fisheries history book; may be in PSMHS collection.  Condition unknown.
  • PS2000.23.2 – Spars, for gillnetter sail PS2000.23.1, peeled saplings.  Mast, boom and sprit, ends worked for mast step and sail pockets, sail lash to spars with integral ties.
  • PS2000.23.4 –Gill net.
  • PS2000.23.5 –Net, large.
  • PS2000.23.6 –Net, green nylon with synthetic float bag (measurements unknown; not handmade).
  • PS2000.23.8 – Gillnetting tool of unknown purpose; trough in shape, wood with handle, made by Frank Scott, orange paint, material 1″ thick,  “V” shaped.
  • PS2000.23.9 –Net weight lines of synthetic fiber rope (not handmade).
  • PS2000.23.10 –Net weight lines of natural fiber rope (probably not handmade).
  • PS2000.23.11 –3 orange plastic fenders used for gill net boat or as net markers.
  • PS2000.23.12 –Foam floats circled by Turk’s head knots
  • PS2000.23.15 –Lantern globes (3) used for gillnet marking
  • PS2000.23.17 –Gill net of green synthetic fiber, dimensions unknown but could be up to 100 fathoms long
  • PS2000.23.18 –Net of natural manila fiber, length unknown
  • PS2000.23.19 –Net of natural manila fiber, length unknown
  • PS2000.23.20 –Net of synthetic green fiber, 10 fathoms long
  • PS2000.23.22 –Gill net of fine white nylon mesh in paper bag marked “DOG WEB” by Frank Scott
  • PS2000.23.23 –Raft dog of forged iron
  • PS2000.23.25 – Galley Stove
  • PS2000.23.27 –Clothes wringer (old fashioned wooden/hand cranked rollers) used to wring liquid tar from nets after preservative process
  • PS2000.23.28 –Galvanized iron rings of varying sizes used for rigging gill nets
  • PS2000.23.29 –Handmade steel or brass hooks for hanging gill nets in net house, record says “Use for authentic atmosphere in exhibits”
  • PS2000.23.30 –Foul weather jacket of rubber covered fabric
  • PS2000.23.31 –Foul weather trousers of rubber covered fabric with braces
  • PS2000.23.32 –Foul weather jacket of rubber covered fabric, with hood
  • PS2000.23.33 –Yellow rubber fisherman’s apron
  • PS2000.23.34 –Floating pole net marker with Spanish corks.
  • PS2000.23.35 –Float for oil lantern marker
  • PS2000.23.37 –Spanish cork floats strung on line, in bag (length/number of floats unknown)
  • PS2000.23.38 –Board with handhold at center, possibly used as a divider for fish hold on small gill net boat
  • PS2000.23.39 –Commercially made plastic orange fender
  • PS2000.23.40 –Oil lantern marker with no globe and misc. refill parts
  • PS2000.23.41 –Galvanized iron rings strung on manila rope (length unknown)
  • PS2000.23.43 –Galvanized iron cleat with roller
  • PS2000.23.44 –Net weights of lead, possibly cast by Frank Scott, some on nylon line and others loose
  • PS2000.23.45 –Wooden box marked: “Bellingham Shipyard Co., Squalicum Waterway, Bellingham, Washington”; record says “useful for exhibit authenticity”
  • PS2000.23.46 –Commercially made plastic gillnet floats previously stored in PS2000.23.45 (wooden box)
  • PS2000.23.42/.47 – Ship’s wheel, 20” diameter, from unspecified small fishing boat
  • PS2000.23.48 – Steering chain for wheel PS2000.23.42/.47
  • PS2000.23.49 –Weight line for gill net with weights poured onto line by Frank Scott (est. 10 fathoms long)
  • PS2000.23.50 –Roller assembly for stern of gill net boat to guide nets when being set or retrieved; made by a blacksmith for Frank Scott
  • PS2000.23.51 –Spanish cork floats (2 bags- or 6 cu ft. worth)
  • PS2000.23.56 –Fishing line of manila (3 fathoms), made by Frank Scott
  • PS2000.23.57 –Gill net remnants braided into hanks for unknown purposes by Frank Scott, with galvanized metal iron rings
  • PS2000.23.58 –Gill net float markers (2) of plywood, with circular plate to hold lantern
  • PS2000.23.60 –Club or paddle of unknown purpose, handmade by Frank Scott
  • PS2000.23.61 –Galvanized iron oarlocks, two pairs
  • PS2000.23.62 –Weight line for gill net with weights braided into rope by Frank Scott (approx. 6 fathoms)
  • PS2000.23.63 –Weight line for gill net with weights poured onto synthetic rope by Frank Scott (approx. 6 fathoms)
  • PS2000.23.65 –Pants of heavy wool worn by Frank Scott in cold weather
  • PS2000.23.66 –Knot work: “two spectacle eyes of double loops spliced in manila line; one the eye splices are formed by whipping in center of loop; one with Turk’s head knot whipping the center of the loop to form double eye. Made by Frank Scott”
  • PS2000.23.69 –Navigation light (white) with aluminum housing
  • PS2000.23.70 –Crucible for pouring molten lead
  • PS2000.23.71 –Hook with flattened end and 4 drilled holes, purpose unknown (possibly for hanging gill nets)
  • PS2000.23.74 –Commercially made fishing rod of split bamboo
  • PS2000.23.75 –Commercially made fishing rod of tempered steel
  • PS2000.23.76 –Commercially made fishing rod of tapered fiberglass
  • PS2000.23.77 –Fender handmade by Frank Scott of canvas and filled with unknown material