The American Alliance of Museums Invites CAMM Members to Participate in its Demographic Survey

The American Alliance of Museums is launching an exciting new demographic survey to help museums evaluate the diversity of their staffs and boards of trustees—and we are pleased to be able to offer a select number of spots to your member institutions. We invite CAMM member museums to participate in this important fieldwide effort.

Sample member communications: Is your museum interested in being a part of the American Alliance of Museums’ Facing Change initiative? AAM, in partnership with SMU DataArts, is offering a Museum Staff & Trustee Demographics Study to help museums evaluate the diversity of their staffs & boards of trustees and contribute to furthering DEAI in the field.
250 participating museums will receive customized reports evaluating their data and placing their institution within the museum field’s larger context. Museums with at least 10 staff members are invited to express interest in participating in the Museum Staff & Trustee Demographics Study by completing this form.

About the survey: In partnership with SMU DataArts and as part of the Facing Change: Advancing Museum Board Diversity & Inclusion initiative, AAM’s new Museum Staff & Trustee Demographics Survey will help museums evaluate the diversity of their staffs and boards of trustees. The Demographic Survey and data collected will allow AAM and the field at large the opportunity to understand the composition of the museum field workforce and boards of directors based on self-reported data collected across respondents.

Instructions: Museums interested in participating must complete this form to register for the study. They will need to identify a staff liaison, preferably a CEO/Executive Director or HR director, responsible for reviewing a 15-minute webinar that will provide instructions on administering the survey and disseminating the survey link to all museum personnel.

Dates: The survey launches on August 15 and will remain open until September 27, 2021.

Benefits of participation: Participating museums will receive the following:

  • Access to a personalized digital dashboard with an individual museum report
  • A comprehensive report comparing their institution to those within their geographic region
  • A full report of the field for baseline numbers
  • An opportunity to help move the museum field toward by modeling equitable evaluation practices

ConfidentialitySMU DataArts regards the confidentiality of survey data to be of utmost importance. Names and other personal information are not requested in the survey.

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