American Society of Marine Artists exhibition to open at Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

The 18th National Exhibition of the American Society of Marine Artists (ASMA) is coming to Maryland’s Eastern Shore, with the exhibition to be hosted in the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s Steamboat Building in St. Michaels, Md., from Oct. 22, 2021, through Feb. 22, 2022. 

On the heels of the American Society of Marine Artists’ 40th anniversary, the ASMA biennial exhibition is a juried selection of paintings, drawings, sculptures, scrimshaw, and hand-pulled prints submitted by members. The ASMA 18th National Exhibition will include work by many of the most prominent contemporary marine artists working in the nation today. 

“We are thrilled to once again bring the nation’s best contemporary marine art to CBMM for our members and guests to take in and enjoy,” said CBMM President Kristen Greenaway. “We identify with the mission of ASMA, as we both raise appreciation for maritime culture and the marine environment to inspire stewardship.”  

The American Society of Marine Artists is a non-profit educational organization whose purpose is to recognize and promote marine art and maritime history and to encourage cooperation among artists, historians, academics, enthusiasts, and others engaged in activities relating to marine art. Its nearly 500 members include painters, sculptors, scrimshanders, and printmakers, all drawing inspiration from a relationship with the water. That inspiration comes from a wide range of locations and experiences that include waters both navigable and discreet and activities both carefully researched from history and observed directly from life.  

“The founders of American Society of Marine Artists were mostly painters of tall ships and other vessels that ply the high seas. While maritime history is still at the core of our mission, today’s members also capture life under the sea, along the shorelines, and even in ponds, streams, and boathouses. The work contained in this exhibition truly does represent the finest in contemporary marine art,” said ASMA President Lisa Egeli. “Our gratitude goes to the artists, the museums, the collectors, and the volunteers who support us, and the viewing public who will turn out to experience this wonderful presentation.”  

Entry to the exhibition is free for CBMM members or with general admission. At CBMM, the ASMA 18th National Exhibition is supported in part by Irmhild & Philip Webster. 

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