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Queries to the CAMM membership for advice, technical expertise, referrals, etc.

Query on Mast Displays

Query from Richard Everett at San Francisco Maritime NHP:

We are looking for any photos of an interactive mast display OR simply notice of where one was or is… You know the type: We have seen them at institutions in US and Europe: The visitors/kids/users stand in footropes just a few feet off the ground and holding onto the jackstay (with one hand!) they claw the sail up. Info please!!

Contact Richard at

Query for the Membership

Art Sulzer with the Maritime Industry Museum at Fort Schuyler is seeking guidance from the membership:

“While our museum has been around for over 25 years and our history goes back to the founding of the school in 1874, we do not really have a professional staff and are certainly not professional historians, curator or archivists. . . .  [Here] are a few questions to other CAMM members for their guidance based on their museum experience.

 1) Inventory–We presently use Past Perfect 4.0 and are considering 5.0, or is there a better software to consider?

2) Looking for information on a system that lets museum visitors use a cell phone for guided tours or use a barcode through their phone like they can at Kalmar Nyckel’s exhibit.

3) Information on writing /developing Executive Director, Curator, Administrative Assistant and Board Member job descriptions.”

Please email your thoughts to

Art plans to summarize his findings and we will include them on our “Members Only” page.

Submitted by Dr. Art Sulzer, Maritime Industry Museum Board member, May 19, 2016


Query on location codes for National Fisherman photo catalog

“In working through the National Fisherman photographic collection cataloging we are adding locations wherever they are part of the photographs informational record. But in many cases there are no recorded locations, but we can tell what area of the country the record belongs, e.g., a So Cal tuna clipper, an Alaskan King Crabber, a Chesapeake Deadrise. So the thought occurs to code some area designations. It would be handy to use something currently existing like Coast Guard districts which are now bigger than they were at one time. Or we can create our own. What do CAMM members who might be looking for images think would be useful?”

Submitted by Ben Fuller,, Penobscot Marine Museum

Membership Consultant?

Sam Johnson is taking a close look at the membership program at Columbia River Maritime Museum and is considering hiring a consultant to evaluate their program and suggest ways in which they can build their membership. He asks if any of the CAMM members have used a consultant recently and would recommend that consultant?

Send your responses to Sam at <>.


Regions for a National Fisherman Database

In his continuing work on a fisheries database Ben queries fellow CAMM members:

In discussions with people at the recent Museum Small Craft workshop and with others, it is apparent that we should have some regional way of coding records. We can often identify a region where we can’t be more specific about geographic location for a fishery. Question is what we should use as regions. 

We can go with current Coast Guard districts, nice and simple. Would that be enough?

Or I can work up a finer grain system. 

What do people think?

Contact Ben at <>.

Classification System for Vessel Types Sought

Lea Edgar, Librarian & Archivist at Vancouver Maritime Museum, recently queried:

I was wondering if anyone has produced a comprehensive thesaurus or vocabulary for types of vessels? I see a lot of lists out there but none seem to be very official. I am looking for a list that will include broader and narrower terms so that we can include it in a new database we are building. For  instance, I want it to include all the different types of fishing vessels. Thanks for your help.

If anyone has created such a guide, please share it with Lea at